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Capital Purchase Justification
Paula Arceneaux
Angela Seip

I know the hospital has been planning on making an investment on equipment to boost services. I would recommend investment on the General Electric Prodigy Bone Density equipment. Making decisions especially on major equipment must factor in various considerations, such as the cost of the equipment and projected returns that the equipment is likely to bring in to the hospital. The Bone Density scan has been selected as the ideal investment for this hospital. Though the equipment requires substantial spending, the equipment has higher possibility for reimbursement.
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The Lunar Prodigy is equipped with OneVision which allows for the physicians to receive a single report that combines the complete risk assessment analysis rather than receiving multiple assessment reports and trying to interpret them all. The Lunar Prodigy patient report displays T-scores and Z-scores along with the fracture risk assessment graph, based on the World Health Organization criteria used to define osteoporosis, and interpret fracture risk assessment. It also signals of incorrect positioning, unfamiliar anatomy, high-density areas and artifacts, and makes recommendations for correction to cut down on the need for additional scans.
The cost of this machine is $27,995.00, financed for sixty months at a seven percent interest with no payment due for 90 days, so we would be looking at payments of $526.44 a month. This would include any maintenance that needs to be done to the machine for the length of the contract. There is also an option to lease the machine, however going this way the machine would cost us more.
With the rising population and our patients living longer, this would be an excellent investment for our hospital. The closest one to us is over fifty miles away and taking into consideration the age and health issues of our patients, this would not only benefit us but the other physicians and medical groups around us. I know that you are thinking what about the cost to run this machine and who will operate it. The DEXA machine uses little electricity and takes up less room than an exam table and an X-ray technician can perform the test with only a one day class.
The following shows the potential...

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