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Capitalism Essay

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Capitalism and Its Effects
“As a result of capitalism, we are increasingly unhappy and dissatisfied, and only by turning against capitalism will we be able to move on.” Peter Saunders cites by Clive Hamilton in his book “Why Capitalism Is Good for the Soul” (8). Capitalism dates back to industrial age. After the industrial revolution, the traditional trade has evolved to a new global platform and some of economic system like capitalism came into prominence. According to Cambridge Dictionary, capitalism is a political and economic system in which a country’s trade is controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. With this system, the numbers of producer increased ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, no matter how much they earn, they will not achieve satisfaction. Kasser quotes Edward Diener’s research which investigates the happiness and life satisfaction level of 5000 American adults over 9 years period. Some of them experienced large increase in their salary and others did not. However, it is observed that, regardless, changes in income were not an indicator of people’s current happiness (44). According to this research, it can be said that increase in people’s materialistic values doesn’t cause happiness and satisfaction.
In this age, people don’t have leisure time to spend with their family, relatives and friends. People are shopping too much. They prefer to go shopping in holidays to have fun rather than going to park, do sport etc. Leonard puts the blame on advertising and she mentions that advertisements encourage people to shop to get rid of the boredom and feel better so people keep shopping (13). People are working harder than ever. They have one or maybe more jobs and after their jobs, people don’t allocate their quality time to family and friends, but watch TV and shop. In home, parents prefer to spend their time with watching TV and children prefer playing computer games. Even when all family members are at home, they prefer being free rather than being together. As a result of these, they break up relations with their family and they are increasingly unhappy and dissatisfied.
Capitalism also damages the environment. As mentioned, people became materialistic and got too many stuff with capitalism. The production of stuff includes several stages. Two of the stages of producing stuff are extraction and disposal stage. Leonard claims in her book The story of stuff, in both stuff extraction and disposal stages, the environment is damaged (2). Resource extraction involves any activity which decreases natural resources from nature. While extraction happens, trees are cut down, mountains are dig to mine and get the metal inside, natural fresh water diminishes and animals are killed. All of these steps damages the...

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