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Civilian Personnel Advisory Council Capstone Project |
Heidi M Burbank |
6/1/2015 |
HRM 291
Jack McCallum


Working for the Federal Government has advantages and disadvantages. Many of the concerns of working for other companies like EEO, and Affirmative action have been long covered in the form of a policy letter. Which is a formal document for the government typically on the military sector which dictates the rules and refers the document to official military regulations approved by the Department of Defense (DoD). The government has a very formal process when looking at how they select employees and search for new talent.
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The government does have a software program that screens the applications and resumes ensuring that the candidates meet the minimum qualifications. If the resumes meet the qualifications they are then screened by a representative at the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, prior to being sent to the local hiring authority. The local hiring authority will set up a panel for the interviews and make arrangements with the applicants to complete the interviews.
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), affirmative action, at-will employment are all areas that need to be taken into consideration when hiring new employees. Making sure that the organization is complying with all the requirement laws and regulations to ensure fair employment for all applicants.
The Army covers areas like EEO with policy letters (Department of the Army, 2014). Policy letters are the leaderships policy and requirements on areas like EEO, sexual harassment, open door policy (the ability to speak to your commander), and Equal Opportunity. This policy’s give the commands view on the subject, refer the reader to the official government regulation, and provide a point of contact for the policy.
As a Federal Employee I am covered by the Constitution of the United States. A handbook or personnel code may also be a contract. However, if there is a disclaimer in your handbook, it may not be a contract. State laws vary in evaluating whether a handbook is a contract. You should consult your own state's law to determine if your state considers handbooks to be contracts between employers and employees. All federal employees are protected from any termination that violates the United States Constitution or the constitution of the state in which they work. For example, an employee's rights to freedom of speech, association, religion, or freedom from unlawful search and seizure may be at issue when an employee is terminated. For more information about Federal Employees rights, check out Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide under the publications link on this page. (Workplace Fairness, 2015)
The Federal Government uses a variety of staffing methods to fill positions. Independent contractors, part and full time employees, and some positions are temporary. For the Army there is classes and training that has to be conducted where it is more convenient to hire contractors to fill the requirement. Most positions are full-time positions that the DoD will recruit for. The status of the position is specified in the job posting so the applicant knows what time of position it is. Positions for interns and some full-time positions are listed as temporary. Typically the person that is assigned to that position has taken a job somewhere else which requires the DoD to hold their job for up to three years. Because the position is listed as temporary if the person that is assigned to that position comes back then the temporary employee is let go after the specified...

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