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Capturing Awareness Essay

619 words - 3 pages

Karan Lee
Professor Schrading
Writing 202
8 September 2013
Capturing Awareness
Front and center, a defenseless young wolf caught in a net captures the audience on the cover page for the National Geographic Magazine in March 1995. The pup’s deep and sorrowful eyes break the reader’s heart. Known for presenting the utmost beauty and fascination in wildlife, the National Geographic cover exploits the harsh reality that endangered animals face. The purpose of this cover is to raise awareness of the U.S. Endangered Species Act. The act “is to protect and recover imperiled species and the ecosystems upon which they depend.”
The prominent images of the wolf caught in the manmade net on the cover depict the purpose of the Endangered Species Act. The background is blurred out green, but shows that the pup was captured in his own home. The dark tones represent the ...view middle of the document...

With the combination of the depressing photo and the bold quote, the reader can only root for the wolf’s survival. It is in human nature to let their heart out to the young victim.
Next, the cover’s underlying message portrays that humans cannot help seeing themselves in other creatures. When an American views them in the wolf’s situation, they feel unfair captivity. The United States thrives on freedom. It is in their culture to live and fight for liberty. Therefore the net represents the rights taken away from the young wolf. This cover photo pushes to save the animals’ rights. It fuels the American’s justice driven blood to fight for freedom and prosperity.
Last, the reader feels sympathy for the wolf and senses urgency to help him. They want to cut the net and let the wolf run in his natural habitat. With “The Endangered Species Act” on the cover, the reader knows where to start and get more information on the threats that these helpless animals face. Through the man made net, the powerful cover informs the audience of the reality that endangered species face and that it is partially due to the human race. It disgusts the reader that their own kind is killing innocent animals, therefore leaving the reader to go the opposite direction and preserve the precious endangered.
In conclusion, the cover photo grabs the reader’s heart and informs them of the Endangered Species Act. The helpless wolf draws the reader’s protective instincts in fighting for the pup’s survival. With the bold print and sad eyes, National Geographic grabs their audience to pick up the magazine and read about what is being done within the Act. The cover simply informs the reader of the reality that endangered species face, thus compelling them to fight for the destitute victim’s freedom.
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