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Car Rental System Essay

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Tees Union
Meeting minutes 1

February 6, 2013, 10:30 am to 11:30am
Place: Southern University College Computer Lab 330
Member Attend: Wai Chin Keat, Lee Kai Teck, Than Woei Liang, Edwin GanChernLun
* Allocates roles and responsible of each of group member.
* Discuss company name.
* Discuss potential business idea.
a. For the first time of group meeting, we are first discuss about the allocated roles and responsible of each of group member. From the analysis individual skills of each team member, we found that all of team member also didn’t have the research skills. Before that, we are already ...view middle of the document...

c. Lastly, from the discussion of potential business ideas, we have 3 potential business ideas that are possible to be used. First business idea is transports helper, this business idea suggested by Chin Keat. This is a mobile application that allows the user to search the transport around their current location. User can through the mobile apps to take the transport they think convenient. This mobile application also provide the travel time of all transports. Second business idea is smart shopaholic, this also is mobile application. This mobile app allows user can buy the daily necessities. This business idea suggested by Kai Teck. This mobile app needed cooperate with seller to set up the drive thru kiosk, this is convenient the user who are lazy buy daily necessities in the market. The third business idea is intelligent queue suggested by Woei Liang, this is a mobile apps which can help the user can save their time for the queuing. This queuing system can be used in bank or also government department.
Result (a)
About allocates roles and responsible, follow by the each member individual skills to allocates most suitable roles and responsible. But for the researcher, we decide allocates to who are the best ability in English that are Edwin. But other member will also give a help for him in research.
Result (b)
Because all of members also thinks the name of Edwin Gan suggested was very meaningful. Then we decide use ‘Unity Group’ as company name.
Result (c)
About business idea, we decide for using the vote method to make the final decision of business idea.After voting, the business idea of Woei Liang suggested that intelligent queue become our final decision.

Next Meeting date: [February 7, 2013, 10:30am to 11:30am, Southern University College computer lab]

Tees Union
Meeting minutes 2

February 7, 2013, 10:30 am to 11:30am
Place: Southern University College Computer Lab 330
Member Attend: Wai Chin Keat, Lee Kai Teck, Than Woei Liang, Edwin GanChernLun
* Discuss about team contract
* Discuss about business identity
a. We have arrange to discuss about team contract, this is because we need to get the all of member suggestion to make this contract to keep our team will always unite and we can face and solve the problem together. Other purpose for this contract also make sure all of member have to comply with this contract to complete our jobs then that can allow the project can successful progress. When discussing about team contract, we meet some conflict on some details of team contract. Especially about the question of “What happen if they miss a deadline crucial to the group” related to sacking policy. Kai Teck has a suggestion to extend the deadline a few of day for those who are miss a deadline to complete the task. But Chin Keat have a different suggestion that is sacked the member who are miss the deadline to...

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