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The chapter contains the background information of the organization giving when it was started and all the information to do with the organization. It also contains the organization structure which shows the level of authority for each employee and the departments they fall in. Also the chapter explains the overview of the current system and the proposed system and the department the proposed system will mostly cover.

Airport and Beyond cars and services is a company located in Nairobi’s Lang’ata area along Lang’ata road near St Mary’s Hospital. Its 20 distance minutes away from the central Business District.

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The time and date for the service offering is considered and the availability of the vehicles and the drivers. Also the pickup point and drop off points are required by this department.

Operations department - this is the department which is mostly concerned with the actual operations affecting the client. The department receives the reservations from the reservations department immediately upon receipt and allocates the drivers and the vehicle to be used for offering the service. The department also follows the assigned services to make sure that the services are delivered to the client at the right time.

This ensures that the jobs are completed efficiently and also informs the drivers of the allocated duty early enough to prevent last minute rush.

Accounts department- mainly concerns itself with any financial duty of the company. This includes invoicing the clients, banking services, salaries and statutory remittances including tax submission. It’s headed by the accountant and gets necessary information from both the reservation department and the operations department.

Currently the company operates on a manual system in both reservation and operations department.

The client may communicate with the company either physically or through the phone to request for a service. For a car hire service, the client must provide all the necessary details about themselves for registration first. After all the details are recorded down, the client provides the hiring details required i.e. the type of car in terms of capacity and type, destination and duration to hire. The charges are explained to the client upon checking with the necessary documents.

If he/she agrees, the information is passed to the operations department where the vehicle availability is checked and the driver to offer the service after which the client may pay and the service offered. For organizations travel service, a phone call may be used to request for the service as they might need a transportation service not necessarily coming to the company premises and pay later as agreed.

For a service to be offered at a later date, reservation must be done to ensure that the driver and the vehicle to be used will be available. The reservation department must take all the details of the client making the reservation. This may include the client’s details and the reservation details. The details are then passed to the operations department where the car is marked reserved and the driver assigned. Then the operations department is responsible to ensure that the driver is informed of the service to offer early in advance.

After offering the service, the car must be checked on its condition compared to the condition it was during hiring. If damages have occurred, they are noted and any other expenses calculated. The client is informed on any other addition charges either resulting from the...

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