Car Wash Plant Essay

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1. Prologue:

The business plan on Auto Base car wash™ is an automatic car washing company has been prepared for Mr.Mohammad A. Arafat, Course instructor of Strategic Management as a partial requirement of the course. Real life does not go all the time like the theories and practical world is very critical and diverse. To understand the theoretical aspects of a subject one must understand the practical situation, problems, policies and implications of the theories. So the researchers were asked by the respected Course instructor to prepare a report in the very first ...view middle of the document...






The objective of the business plan is to involve the researchers in practical situation about how a company is established. This business plan provides a clear view about how to start, select and run a business successfully. Practical life and practical situation is far different from the textbook or theory. There can be many unexpected situations. In this situation the textbook is not enough for gaining a clear idea about the new business establishment process. The Primary objective is to know the policy, procedure, necessity and activities of establishing a new company.

The primary objective of this business plan is to analyze the real situation and process of establishing a new business. This business plan will also furnish the opportunity to prepare a real business report that will help the researchers to make reports in future for other companies. Each of the segments has been stated in a manner that will be sufficient to have an idea about the Auto Base car washer™ automatic car washing company

Scope of the report

The business plan of The Auto Base car washer™ automatic car washing company has been prepared for Mr. Mohammad A. Arafat(Course instructor of Strategic Management, MGT-490) as a partial requirement of the course. So the report mainly provides information about how to start select and run new business that will provide a service that is innovative. It provides-

Development of new business opportunity:

* Evaluating and realizing which business should be chosen.
* Researching the market to know about the prospect of the selected business.
* Developing a good business plan.
* Information about business goal, marketing plan, production plan, financial plan.
* Sales forecasting of the company.

. Business description segment:

The company

General description of the industry:
The world is changing day by day. Modern technologies are coming close to people’s life more quickly and easily. People are getting more and busier. In the recent days car is not thought as a luxury item. In this busy life a car is a necessary item of life. In last 10 years, the population of cars has increased many folds. So, the Car Wash industry has grown rapidly. In today’s context the owners themselves drive most cars and would any day prefer to have a quick car wash, rather than leaving the car the whole day at service station. It is not convenient for them to leave the car for a whole day to wash the car.
So, rather than the ordinary hand wash, it is necessary to find a way to wash the car by a sophisticated high...

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