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Cardiovascular News Report

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FADE IN: EXTERIOR: IN A PARK. We see me standing up in the grass as children run by and a father and son tossing a football around behind me.

Me: “ Good evening, my name is Donisha Smith and today I sharing with all of you the importance of Cardiovascular Health.”

DISSOLVE TO: INTERIOR: INSIDE A LOCAL GYM. We see many people of all ages are working hard. There is even an indoor pool were we see many competitive swimmers training.

Me: “ The heart is one of the most important organs inside the body. The heart pumps blood to the entire body, brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and without the heart you would not be able to survive.”

Me: “ In order to show are appreciation for ...view middle of the document...

Me: “Hi grandma.”

Grandma: “Hi Donisha.”

Me “ I want to ask you a few questions about your exercises”

Grandma (laughing): “Alright.”

Me: “How often do you swim.”

Grandma: “ I don’t swim at all.”

Me: “ Well if you ever swam how many minutes did you swim.”

Grandma (laughs again):“ I swim for zero minutes.”

Me: “ How much stress do you have.”

Grandma:“ I don’t have any stress at all.”

Me: “ Do you have a healthy diet.”

Grandma: “ Sometimes I do.”

Me: “ Do you enjoy swimming.”

Grandma (smiles): “Nope.”

Me: “ Alright thanks grandma. Bye.”

Grandma: “Bye.”

CUT TO: INTERIOR: INSIDE MY LIVING ROOM. I am now sitting on the other couch with my twenty seven-year-old brother, Romon Neely.

Me: “Hey Romon.”

Romon: “ What’s up.”

Me: “ Nothing, I am just hear to ask a few questions about your exercises.”

Romon: “Okay.”

Me: “How often do you swim.”

Romon: “ I every once in awhile.”

Me: “ How long do you swim for.”

Romon: I swim for about thirty minutes.”

Me: “ How much stress do you have.”

Romon:“ A little bit.”

Me: “ Do you have a healthy diet.”

Romon: “Sometimes I usually eat fast food since it’s...

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