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Care Ethics Essay

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In society, the male-bias has dominated gender, which in turn oppresses women. The book has pointed out that all drug tests were performed exclusively on men, and women were relied on those doses for men on the use of the drugs. Not only those women didn't have a fair chance to test the drugs, but also their ethical views were never being respected or noticed. Lawrence Kohlberg had described six stages of moral development. Kohlberg is biased against women by mentioning that women could never pass level three of his moral development due to the lack of abstract principles. We find that men and women score very ...view middle of the document...

Kantian moral theory and Utilitarianism are two theories that attempt to answer the ethical nature of human beings. The relation of caring to rules pointed out that physicians must give their patients chances to decide and respect their decisions no matter what situations. The author had given us an example of caring to rules is a story of "Huckleberry Finn," where Huck at the end still thought of Jim as a slave and someone else's property. The relationship between men and women has always been a strained one. The fact that it has taken men thousands and thousands of years to finally recognize that women's mental processes may be unlike theirs, which explains why feminine mortality hasn't really got an accepted following, except by women.Given the history of a special "feminine morality"- designed to restrict the opportunities and influence of women-it is hardly surprising that most reformers have opposed the notion of 'feminine morality'. There is a genuine and profoundly valuable feminine consciousness that is rooted in women's social development, a consciousness that must be valued and appreciated. This is only the edge of a difficult and ongoing debate. But whatever one's views on the question of whether 'care ethics' is distinctly feminine, it is difficult to deny that many of the central themes of care ethic shave been ignored or undervalued in Western ethics.

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