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Care Skills Essay

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The care we giving must always be of the same standard. It should not be better or worse for one person than another. The support must change for different needs but this does not mean giving a different standard of care.
The needs of an Older Person
a) Physical
b) Intellectual
c) Emotional
d) Social
e) Spirtua

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

* Activities of Daily Living
* Continence Care
* Communication
* Catheter Care
* Mouth Care
* Personal Hygiene
* Assisting with eating
* Social Interaction
* Using Equipment Correctly and Safely
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Incontinence can create feelings of shame or embarrassment for both the carer and the person being cared for. Sometimes people may be in denial about their incontinence or refuse to accept help. Reassure them it's not their fault and approach the issue in a calm, reassuring way.

Giving a bed bath
If the person you care for cannot move or has extremely limited mobility, you may need to give them a bed bath. You will need to be extra careful when moving or handling them. Specialist disposable baths are available for people who need a bath where you are put fully in the water.


There are three types of aging, according to James Birren:
1. biological aging - includes changes in the functions of the body over time, slowing the decline of freedom Sig
2. psychological aging - proper assessment of aging, and mental reactions chatter experience aging

3. social aging - the way people perceive aging in relation to society
Many factors that affect the length of human life not only medical nature, As what could be expected, but in the fact may be decisive sex, race, geographic location, socioeconomic status, and even the title. In the developed world, women live an average of 5-8 years longer than men. Many gerontologists believe that men die earlier due to frequent and stronger stress (greed for success, constant competition). Swedes live longer in Nigerians, the rich more than the poor, the politicians of the managers. Where the difference? Different science give different answers: sociological cause seen in different social conditions, a doctor in the disease and the weakening of the Body, a biologist at the processes within cells aging and decaying insufficiently or not is not renewed, a psychologist in stress and frustration, and incentives and will to live.

Older people can have health problems and still “age well” . Its important to keeping active (mentally and physically), enjoy life, keeping engaged, positive attitude, meaningful engagement, good relationships with family and friends, physical activity.

Many factors affect health, including physical, economic, social and environmental factors. The main risk factors which predispose people towards poor health in later life are:
* low income ·
* being unattached ·
* having reduced access to education earlier in life ·
* smoking and obesity

Life begin with birth and ends with death. clients death is often viewed as personal failure on the part of health personnel. The family turns to the nurse for support and assistance. To provide effective care nurse must have reconciled his or her own feelings about death and must understand the phases of grieving & dying and should be able to recognize their manifestations.
Death will come to all people at some time. caring allows the patient to die with dignity. an...

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