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Career Business Essay

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Ever since I was in high school I had always debated which corridor of business I should follow. I had always been interested in business and math subjects, and at fifteen I had a glimpse of the real world working in a retail store. The reason I chose Human Resources is because unlike other main stream business professions like accounting and finance, I found that not only would hr allow me to be business oriented, but it would let me think outside the cubicle. A Human Resource personnel accommodates the employees and management into a mutual harmony and allowing the company to function at its most proficient potential. I had the opportunity to experience both good and bad hr personnel’s. At ...view middle of the document...

This profession is one that I eventually hope to evolve into overtime with experience. Finally, the career which I currently want to hold is an hr specialist. A specialist is required to, but not limited to, make sure labour laws are being implemented and followed, to respond to unions, connect with employees to grasp their real potential, implement different training and development methods, and to report to management on how the company can change positively. This occupation can be found in both private and public sectors because almost all big and mid size companies use many aspects of the hr function. If the company is too small, then the managers or the supervisors can do tasks that someone in hr would. In Canada, a Human Resource Specialist is responsible for an average of 153.6 employees.2323 This can range from head offices, government offices, and finance, insurance, and professional services companies. At my current workplace the Human Resource Manager, Imran Sulzahni, takes care of a whole district of Best Buy Stores, this is approximately 10 stores with a total of 820 employees! During a personal interview with Imran I asked questions on what’s important to him, he stated that it is important for employees to realize that they have someone to depend on when needed. Imran stated that he deals with numerous cases of workplace safety and harassment every month. He also went on to say that the hr department has been criticized by many people for being an irritant when it comes to following rules and labour laws. “There is a big stereotype in the industry that the hr department’s job is to just bother the company on the violation of labour laws and health and safety principles in the workplace, for example, in the popular show The Office, the Human Resource personnel is seen as a nag because he constantly reminds coworkers of company policies and government regulations”. Imran and I mutually chose to differ, while it is extremely important for companies to follow proper ethical legal procedures, it is also important to have a friendly relationship with management and employees. so it is easier to state why certain rules must be impacted, certain rules that can lead to lawsuits if not followed, forcing the company down and lay off employees.
To become an hr Specialist, there are different qualifications needed to compete with the rest of the job seekers. Looking at various job postings and information from, employers are looking for people with a bachelor’s degree in human resources, labour relations, or management. Also it is mandatory in most companies that one attains the Certificate of Human Resource Professionals (CHRP). Currently at York University, I am working towards a Bachelors of Human Resource Management; the great thing about this program is that when I graduate I will automatically get the CHRP designation. A main aspect is that, like all specialists, companies look for a minimum of five to seven years...

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