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Career Dev Plan Essay

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Kevin Paronyan
University of Phoenix
Week 2 Assignment
Career Development Plan Part I


    As you may have all heard by now InterClean has merged with EnviroTech. This merger will allow us to bring new innovative and dynamic cleaning solutions for organizations in the health care industry. It is my job as a midlevel sales manager to select new members for my sales team who will be successful in pushing our new products and ideas. It is important that only the best and brightest come aboard this new adventure and opportunity will be given to those who go above and beyond the basic duties.
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Third, salespersons after securing a company’s business must follow up with them every couple of weeks or so to give the new client a piece of mind that someone is looking out for them and that it wasn’t just a onetime thing that they would only see the salesperson after hiring their company. Fourth every salesperson regardless of status and tenure must report back to me at the end of every two weeks for a status report. I want to make sure everything is going smoothly and there are no major problems standing in the way of a salesperson meeting prospective clients and closing the deal.
To help develop sales for my team I will incorporate the workforce planning system most similar to strategic planning. I think this gives us the best shot of growing our business and producing mass sales in the long run. Strategic planning defines itself as being able to change current industries and as well as creating tomorrow’s industries. It will help our sales team by first establishing what we need to do as a team to succeed, what are goals and missions are. First we would define why we exist as a team and what are objectives are. Then we would evaluate our strengths and weaknesses. What we can and can’t do. Then we would have to determine a design and develop a strategy that works for all of us. I personally think this workforce planning strategy gives us the upper hand in the world of sales.
This business has certain needs and as result the types of position we will need depends on the needs of the business. The types of positions needed on my team will be based on the following current position information, previous positions in the company. Other significant work experience (e.g., other companies, military), Education (including degrees, licenses, certifications), language skills and relevant international experience. More importantly the training and development programs attended. Responsibilities they have had in their community or industry. As well as current and past performance appraisal data and disciplinary actions. To sum up I will also only need about 5 qualified salespersons.
We will also need a plan for the new sales department. In order for us to be successful as a team we need to do all the right things necessary for the recruitment and long term keeping of talent. That is why I propose selecting new employees after they have gone through a rigorous interview process consisting of 5 interviews. After being hired they will then go through a substantive training program that lasts 3 months and which about 4 times a week. The training will consist of mock sales pitches and will cover all the ins and outs of the art of selling. Then they will be placed into a group comprised of a team lead and will work with the team to develop sales ideas and methods. Promotion will only be based strictly on performance. Old talent will also be in charge of developing new talent when they are hired. This is to ensure experienced salespersons can pass down...

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