Career Development Plan Part 1 Essay

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Human Capital Management – HRM/531
Career Development Plan Part I – Job Analysis and Selection
Dr. Robert Rupe

The merger between InterClean and EnviroTech has finally happened. This merger will reveal a new strategic plan which will require jobs to be re-evaluated and changes to be made to accommodate the new goals of the company. This company will no longer sell only cleaning products, but will also provide full-service cleaning solutions for organizations in the health care industry. There will be five new positions to be filled by a current InterClean or EnviroTech employee. Different methods will be used to assure that the very best selections are made.
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Overnight travel may also be a possibility due to the company’s hope to expand.
Workforce planning has also been used to help us fill these new positions. By implementing workforce planning, the company will be able to determine what type of experience, knowledge and skills are required to meet all of its new objectives. Workforce planning must be made based upon good knowledge of your staff. If you know your current workforce and the skills that they possess, it will be easier to choose who will best fill these new positions. Both the hard skills and soft skills should be considered when interviewing for these positions. Hard skills include things such as: knowledge of Microsoft Office, ability to prepare spreadsheets and product knowledge. Soft skills include: strong work ethic, positive attitude, strong communication skills and time management. When interviewing outside candidates for a job, it may be hard to identify the soft skills. That is a major advantage of using workforce planning and hiring from within the company, you will have knowledge of the soft skills from their previous managers and supervisors.
This merger has made the company into something that it never has been before. It is now a diversified company that has a lot more to offer and that is why this new sales team must be developed. Five new positions need to be filled so that the new business needs can be met. Before, only cleaning products were sold. New services are now available and the new sales team will be fully trained to sell the new products and services. The company has chosen to fill these positions will current InterClean and/or EnviroTech employees, which gives them some great advantages. Performance appraisals of potential candidates will be given from their managers to help with this process. That will be the first step of the process. Once twenty potential candidates are chosen based off their performance appraisals, they will be put through an interview process by the midlevel sales manager. The questions in the interview will be based on the job analysis. They will be structured interviews, which mean the same questions will be asked to each person. Open-ended questions will be asked so that each person will have to come up with answers and not just reply “yes” or “no”. Detailed notes will be taken by the sales manager during the interviews so they can be carefully reviewed. These structured interviews will help make the right choices so that new goals can be reached. Since the merger, InterClean plans to expand the company domestically and worldwide. The right sales force is needed to make this happen.
The workforce planning system was enforced as well as the performance appraisals and interviews and InterClean is now down to ten potential candidates for these positions, however, only five people are needed at this time. The decision has been made based off of qualifications, experience and how well they went through...

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