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Career Development Plan Part I Essay

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{text:bookmark-start} IntraClean {draw:frame} A New Way of Thinking About Business IntraClean’s job analysis of recruitment, employee development, and solution’s based selling. Heather Westerfield University of Phoenix HRM 531 Kramer (Kem) Metz October 5, 2008 InterClean The Plan for a New Direction InterClean’s focus on Solution’s based selling. What’s the Objective The company is headed in a new direction and it is imperative that we take on a new mind set and approach this cautiously as well as effectively. Over the next three months or so we will be moving forward with the newly introduced concept of Solutions based selling. Based on the information that I have ...view middle of the document...

Strong customer service skills and well conversed in product knowledge, strong listening skills that will be able to match the right service or product for the consumer. Have a working knowledge of OSHA and environmental safety practices. Perform independently within a team environment, utilizing accurate product knowledge and services, while providing excellent soft skills, and critical thinking applications. A Strategic Approach We have some specific needs that our customers’ are asking to be met regarding emerging issues in sanitation, environmental regulation and cleaning systems, as well as OSHA standards. As outlined in the memo to our Interclean employees, we must also develop an understanding of the legal, environmental, safety, ethical, and regulatory issues that affect sanitation and cleaning systems. The development or our employees is key, to being successful in providing excellent customer service to out clients’. We will be grouped into multifunctional teams, develop a full range of service packages tailored to individual customer accounts. We will also be engaging with facility managers, healthcare professionals and operational executive’s in their customer organizations. Having an introduction of an all-inclusive service, we will be evaluating current customer strength of our sales team, areas of needed development, and future staffing needs. Provided is an outline of some of the training and developmental opportunities for employees: Testing of current working knowledge of the product and services offered. Product training for employees discussing the new full range of new service packages, as well as regular monitoring, through listening to calls, Y connecting on the phones; pairing new employees with more seasoned veterans. Info-sharing; focusing on new regulations for full cleaning service contarcts. Soft skills training that will focus on utilizing soft skills when communicating with healthcare clients, and retail customers. The Dream Team We will have a team of seven individuals, as I stated previously we will have interviewing that will start soon and there will be two new team members selected. The current members of the team will be as follows: Tom Gonzalez, Sales Manager He has been with Envirotech for five years, we are proud to have him as a part of out InterClean team. He will be...

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