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InterClean has revamped their sales department and the hiring surge is now over. The next step? Making sure that all new sales personnel are oriented and trained to do their new jobs within the company. Not only that but ensure that the new employees mesh well the existing sales personnel.
A new leaf has been turned within the InterClean organization; the sales Department has several new employees that have a fresh perspective on how to revamp the sales department. This is not only true of the sales department, but of other offices within InterClean as well. Top management realizes that without taking care of its staff and their training and ...view middle of the document...

The second bit of training mentioned in the previous section was training having to do with teamwork. It is important that not only the sales department, but other departments within InterClean that have hired new employees, have maximum participation of employees in this training. It will not only allow for new employees to meet their new colleagues, but it will allow existing employees the opportunity to see that the “new guys” are not the enemy and that is necessary for everyone to get a long with each other.
The third portion of training mentioned above is for each new employee to take online courses to improve on any skills they deem necessary to effectively do their jobs. Some examples of this one-on-one training could me managerial training, training on Microsoft Office applications, training on how to improve both verbal and non-verbal communication. The list goes on and on.
Lastly, the mentor program. InterClean would like to recruit long-time employees within the sales section to mentor newly-hired employees. Mentors meet with their mentees on a quarterly basis to discuss any issues that mentee might have on his or her mind. By implementing this program, InterClean is giving new employees an avenue in which to vent frustrations or ask for advice about career options should they need it.
Along with implementing new training and mentoring programs, InterClean has decided to change its performance standards. From now on each employee will create a work requirements statement. Within that statement, employees will make a list of not only their continuing responsibilities, but also any specific objectives they need to meet during an annual rating period. Each employee will be required to meet with his or her supervisor within 45 days of the date of implementation of this new evaluation program and at least twice more throughout the year to discuss areas of improvement or quality of work being done. At the end of the annual time frame, supervisors are required to write a report laying out exactly how the employee performed his or her job. After the employee sees and agrees with this report, it is then sent to the human resources department and place in his or her file. Based on the contract signed with the employee and whether or not they are due for a promotion, these evaluations will be written documentation of performance standards and will help when trying to determine who the better candidate would be for a job down the road.
In addition to increasing performance evaluations to increase morale within the company, InterClean has decided that it needs to start implementing an award’s incentive program. For those people who meet quotas or do outstanding work, employees may be nominated for an award that may have cash attached. This of course depends on the type of award an employee is nominated for by his or her supervisor.
The different training...

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