Career Planning Essay

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How do I know what Occupation is right for me?
-Values....What is important to me?
-Feelings....What does it take to satisfy me? How do I feel about work?
-Aptitudes....What skills so I have?
-Interests....What do I like to do? What di I not like to do?
-Abilities....What are my Strengths?
-Limitations....What are my weaknesses?
Objective criteria
-The second element of a career is viewed in objective terms that calrifies the requirements and conditions for success. A career must be viewed in objective terms berore career planning can begin. Career research skills are vital to acquring knoledge that will provide realistic expectaitions of a a career and the terms for success.
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..punctual, organized, ect...
-Iterpersonal skills....expected to fit inot informal work groups
-Competence....demonstrates efficiency and productively.
-knowledge....has the intelligence and willingness to learn.
-skills....that can be developed.
psychological contract
-a psychololgical contract evolves during the early career period.
-it is a mutual understanding of expectations between the employee and his/her organization.
-this is an unwritten contract of what the organization and employee will exchange in the emplyment relationship.
-this is the ideal win-win situation.
Reality shock syndrome
-the early years of a career can also be frustrating and puctuated by job changes, without achieving progress toward career objectives.
-Researchers have found that nearly 75% of new emplyees are disappointed in the first job and nearly a third leave within a year.
-this a cumulative effect of a mismatch in employment that ends in personal turnover.
-Employee and organization end up in a Lose-Lose situation.

Mid-Career Stage
-Managers should be aware:
-Employee who fail to understand they no longer apprentices-mistakes now carry penalties
-Disciplinary action more common at this stage
-Younger employees may be threats
-Mid-Career failures will occur
-Frustration, boredom and burnout-mangers should help to make jobs interesting and varied.
Late career stage
-Managers should be aware:
-late career employees are excellent mentors
-Undergo significant changes in personal priorities
Decline career stage
-Managers should be aware:
-Difficult for employess to confront
-Periods of depression are common
-Employees become more hostile and aggressive.
Understanding Key Terms
-Career preparation
-Preparing for oppourtinites within an Occupational Discipline
-Discovering your interests, values, & Lifestyle
-Exploring Occupations- Threats & Constraints.
Career Preparation
-Being prepared for opportunities within an occupational discipline
-Investing occupations to discover which ones fit your interests, talents, and values and lifestyle
-Choosing a career, and gaining the required qualifications
-Lack of preparation will eventually lead to job dissatisfaction and career change.
Understanding Key terms
-The career development process
-Making appropriate Decisions During Each Career Life Stage
-Continuing to Explore Future Opportunities
-Establishing career Goals & Plans
-Making Conscientious Decisions
-Consist of making approprate decisions during each of the career life stages
-Ideally, these decisions will be conscientious rather than haphazard responses to crises.
-Relatively easy to drift along, allowing circumstances or other people to control ur decisions.
-Be in charge of your own destiny!!!!
-Career Management
-A means of making informed decisions about occupational activities to enhance Future Oportunities.
-Gaining experience within your...

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