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Career Strategy Implementation Essay

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Among the many areas we touched on in this class, the first thing I picked up on as being important is to ask myself, “Why it is important to have an understanding of who I am?” By understanding my strengths and weaknesses it allows me to pursue a career in a field where my strengths will accentuate my position and where any weaknesses will either be strengthened or will not be a factor. By examining my own skills and qualities as they pertain to the occupation I am pursuing, I will be better able to market those to prospective employers. By examining my weaknesses in skills and qualities I create an opportunity to improve myself and my self value.
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Seeking employment opportunities that come with promotion possibilities will be important. I will also identify potential salary increases to expect for any position I pursue.
I also plan on reworking my current list of references, utilizing more business connections than personal to increase credibility with a prospective employer. Using proper techniques to speak with others in gaining information that will assist me in my job search will ensure I have the references listed that will benefit my chances the most. I can also promote myself via the telephone and in person through informational interviews targeted at creating value and awareness in my availability and worth.
While I have not utilized networking in the past, I can no longer underestimate the role networking plays in developing my career. I will compose a list of contacts that can assist me in my professional development and job search. I also plan to keep this list current and relevant, even if I am not actively seeking employment because I understand that better opportunities may spring up at any time and if I am not prepared I could potentially miss out on a once in a lifetime deal. When I consider to financial security of my family, I can no longer afford to take this risk. I will also make every effort to assist others in my network in...

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