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Careers In Early Childhood Education Essay

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Careers in Early Childhood Education.
Part A
For any learning curriculum to be efficient there is a need for proper execution of set goals and objectives. These objectives act as a guidelines and basis for the institution, the teachers, and the learners. Objectives articulate the supposed learning programs and the proposed outcome of the learning process this can be defined by the knowledge or the skills obtain during the course. Hence, instruction objectives put emphasis on the impact of the learning process to the kindergarten student, hence concentrating on the outcome of the learning process other than then learning process its self.
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It also accommodates diversity in the student learning needs and maximizes the student potential for learning thus reducing the chances of student’s failure. Firstly, to adapt high scope objective in the kindergartens there is a need for any educator to put into consideration the setting, the cultural background, the surrounding community and environment of where the students come from. By incorporating and considering all the mentioned elements, there is a greater possibility of delivering high quality of education to the pupils.
An adaptation of creative curriculum involves investing in more or less time to reach a particular objective. Kindergarteners have a short concentration span; hence, more time is spent with them to allow more mastery of the particular subject. More time spent in learning means more time for practice; thus, the children will gain proficiency in the discreet component skills. For example, in simple mathematics for kindergarteners it requires cognitive processes, which is time-consuming; since it is problem-solving task, a lot of time is needed to improve their skills. Indulging the children to be creative by use of drawing or other educative is a very responsive approach.
Another adaptation is the tools of the mind, which is the change in resources and the communication materials for the kindergarteners. This can be executed by using different examination materials to produce measurable outcomes of the students. Also, the adaptation of the technology such as internet can become a crucial factor in improving the intellectual ability of the student and improving their communication. This adaptation can be in terms of more practical in the subject to allow the kindergarteners to tackle the subject theoretical but also in an efficient manner, hence increasing the productivity of the kindergarteners. For example, children in kindergarten can understand shapes by building them using carton boxes other than just reading them on paper. Hence, as a teacher I am obliged to provide more practices for the children for better understanding or mastery of the subject.
Planning for special opportunities is crucial for children to explore and discover new ideas and critical for the objectives of the teacher to get reached. Planning is an important step that allows the teachers to think, talk and write about what's best and relevant in any given lesson. One of the exceptional opportunity to enhance learning is by creating competition for spelling, creating student's games is counting and drawing. By so doing the goal of each objective is achieved. One of the plans is reflecting and evaluating all of the kindergarteners after every session so as to gauge the level of understanding in various subjects. This is done majorly through continuous assessment tests that allow the tutors to know if their objectives are being met in the curriculum. Also keeping of records from notes taken from observations and tests reports are part of...

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