Caribbean Study Essay

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Name: Damani Allen
School: Ardenne High School
Teacher: Mr. Malcolm
Theme: Education
Topic: E- Learning in Schools
Date: November 17, 2014

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Literature Review 5

Data Collection 7

Presentation of Data 8

Analysis of Data 15

Discussion of Findings 17

Conclusion 19

Appendix: Questionnaire 20

Bibliography 23


“The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained in sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, they were toiling upwards in the night.”
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This quote remained true for generations and ‘great men’ are still being made. But, in this ...view middle of the document...

S.E.C) passes,
Lastly, is there a positive or negative response to e-learning in the classroom (would greater accessibility to the internet be more of a problem than a solution) and what other improvements could give added benefits to the lesson being taught.
As this is a relatively new effort in Jamaica, this study could be used as a base for further research. It would help the government to target the necessary subjects for improvement. Equip teachers with the information that will benefit the performance of students especially in the fight with mathematics. As well as give students a chance to take the initiative, after being empowered, to use technology to their advantage. In the field of medicine, technology has made surgical procedures easier and allows for quicker patient diagnosis and treatment. I would like to become a qualified doctor that works in a technologically advanced hospital. This will result in increased productivity and nation building as technology can bridge borders that teachers are unable to.
Definition of Technical Terms

Technological age – the shift from traditional techniques to using a computerized version
Electronic-learning (e-learning) – learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the internet.
Underperforming – not achieving desired results
Curriculum – the set of course offered by a school based on a given syllabus
Technologically advanced – updated or superior machines that make the task easier
Micrometry – measurement of microscopic objects

Literature Review

The e-learning programme in Jamaica was conceptualized in December 2003, approved by Cabinet in March 2005 then implemented in 2006. The main purpose of the programme was “to contribute to an improvement in the quality of education between grades 7-11 (forms 1-5) in the one hundred and seventy two (172) secondary, technical, agricultural and special high schools island wide, such that the passes in the grade 11 school leaving examinations are improved.” “Acquisition and development of instructional materials, including education software, will initially focus on weak areas as identified by the reported on the CXC results over the years, so that the current examination students can gain maximum benefit from the programme. (Crawford 2006). The use of technology would give students an edge to develop new and simpler ways to perform a task in the working world. It would also make the lesson being taught more interesting to students who may end up as ‘dropouts’ as they soon lose interest in learning. This would increase the performance of students who are seen as underperforming in school for problem subjects such as Mathematics.
Mathematics is useful in all areas of life but in schools it is seen as an obstacle too hard to overcome and we are therefore less able to compete with the world. If we “increase the candidacy and pass rate of Caribbean Secondary Certificate (CSEC) mathematics (then we can) prepare the Jamaican’s of...

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