Carrie An Analysis Of Novel And Film

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Stephen King’s novel Carrie not only gained notoriety through his words, but also through the film version as well. There have been several versions produced cinematically, each one slightly altering certain aspects of the novel and producing their own variation and interpretation. There are always going to be certain variances between the novel and the film version unless the author of the book is perhaps brought-on as a creative consultant or producer of the film. Even still, there are times when this is the case, and the author chooses for various reasons, to still portray certain aspects of the novel in a different light for the film adaptation. In regards to Carrie, there are a host of ...view middle of the document...

King’s descriptive language provides a much better source of understanding and imagery for us as the reader than the film version’s representation is able to by means of incorporating other important pieces of information we as the reader should know. The fact Carrie’s name is written on various portions of the school, such as walls and desks, are added to this part of the novel, but are not visible in the shower scene of the film is something important to note. We are shown some graffiti featuring explicit insults and jabs at Carrie in the early portions of the film, but not during the initial shower catastrophe. Also important to note is the attitude of the physical education teacher towards Carrie, and how it differs from the film and novel representation. Miss Desjardin in the novel starts out being annoyed and aggravated with Carrie. “Miss Desjardin made an irritated cranking gesture at Carrie…” (King 5). In the film, the physical education teacher’s frustrations are present, but they are not directed at Carrie. Instead, she focuses her anger on the girls in the PE class whom she has caught ostracizing Carrie. Perhaps the technique here is to find someone to side with Carrie so that she is not represented as being completely alone. Although the girls are rough with her, fussing because she misses the ball during the volleyball game, the movie presents them at the beginning as being “jokesters” and “clowns,” not necessarily as mean, haggard, and self-proclaimed royalty. Carrie is not necessarily portrayed as a member of the lowest portion of the Caste system; an “untouchable.” Important to note is both representations of the shower scene are graphic, and of course contain similarities, particularly with the key phrase “Plug it up!” which screams brutality; however, the differences between the two are enough as to virtually change how Carrie’s social ineptness and the others hatred of her as much less intense then King displays.
Another section of difference can be referenced in regards to the style and structure of the novel as opposed to the film. King does a wonderful job of writing the events in an epistolary form in order to add much more detail and in my opinion, to authenticate his depiction of the events that transpire. He uses articles written by therapists and psychologists as tools of reference, which are not presented in the movie. This could be for several reasons. One explanation could be the length of time the extra information would have added to the film version. Perhaps another reason could be a lack of attention to detail. Even still, the time and craftsmanship that would be needed to insert such important, but tedious information could take away from the story, or could even still lose something in translation from written word to film. Something important to have included would be Sue Snell’s eyewitness account and interviews after the prom night tragic series of events. In the novel, this information plays a very...

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