Cars Decision Making Technique Article Review Mgt 350: Critical Thinking (Article Review Of A Decision Making Technique, Including Applications And Limitations)

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CARS Decision Making Technique Article ReviewWhile conducting internet research on various critical thinking and decision-making techniques that are available, I came across some material written by Robert Harris, a retired university English professor who now spends his time writing articles and essays on creative problem solving, using the Web as a research tool, avoiding plagiarism and other topics related to critical thinking and research. One article, Evaluating Internet Research Sources (Harris, 1997), introduced an innovative idea initially intended for research, but it can also be applied towards decision-making in the business. This method is called CARS, which stands for ...view middle of the document...

ReasonablenessChecking for reasonableness includes examining the information for fairness, objectivity, moderateness and consistency (Harris, 1997). The researcher should ensure that the argument or information is balanced and reasoned; slanted or selected material should be questioned. Even though pure objectivity is beyond any writer's grasp, a good argument should not contain any bias or conflict of interest. Moderateness is a test of the information to determine if the information is really likely, possible or probable. Consistency ensures that the argument does not contradict itself. Indicators of lack of reasonableness include intemperate tone or language, generalized overclaims, sweeping statements of excessive significance and conflict of interest.SupportThe area of support deals with the source and the corroboration of the information (Harris, 1997). The writer of the material or the person presenting the argument should be able to accurately cite any statistics or facts that are presented. The researcher should conduct a test by checking the source documentation or bibliography, determine if other sources support this source by corroborating the information and determine if other sources have consistency with any new information that is presented. Several indicators of lack of support include a number of statistics presented without an identified source, absence of required source documentation, or if no other sources can be found that will support or corroborate the source in question.Application of CARS at Hitachi AutomotiveMy role at Hitachi Automotive Products includes making decisions based on articles or reference material that is relevant to our operations. In the environmental, health, safety and security industry, information is consistently presented that requires action in the...

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