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The writings of Angela Carter are those like none other, in the way of style, themes, symbols and motifs. The stories written by Carter are not those of cheerfulness and happy endings, they are different in a most spectacular way. Carter’s fairy tales are a frightening look at the true reality or what fairy tales really are. Angela Carter has written many of these tales in a much more deep and complex manner. Each tale of hers has its own style, themes symbols and motifs yet she does show some similarities in each of her works.
     From Angela Carter, “The Tiger’s Bride,” in The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories (New York: Penguin, 1993) came a tale like no other. ...view middle of the document...

She is also afraid for her life, believing the beast will eat her if she does decide to show herself to him. If she should decide not to reveal herself, the beast would then reveal himself to her, in which she was also terrified of what she might see. After she tries to put herself through the unthinkable and failing, the beast and his valet take belle on a ride through the forest where they stop and talk a while. In this setting of the story, the beast reveals himself to Belle and shows his real self and earns the respect of Belle. After she realized the courage and trust the beast had shown to her, she decides that it is only right to do the same for him. When she appears in front of the beast unclothed, the Tiger crept up and licked the skin off of the young girl and revealed her long fur, as she also was a beast.
     Angela Carter has many ways in which she captures her own style and creativity in her works. As in “The Tigers Bride,” “The Company of Wolves” also has many of the same symbols, motifs, themes and style. Although “The Company of Wolves” may have been much more complex in the style and storyline than in “The Tiger’s Bride,” they had many similarities. In “The Company of Wolves” a young girl was also lost to a beast, a wolf. There are also many odd yet meaningful symbols and foreshadowing in the story. Like nakedness symbolized trust, purity, and...

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