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Case 1: Quality Compliance At The Hawthorn Arms

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Case 1: Quality Compliance at the Hawthorn Arms

Question 1:

Before making any decision regarding these candidates, Alistair should consider factors such as technical ability, cross-cultural suitability, family requirements, country/cultural requirements, language and MNE requirements (Dowling et al, 2009, p. 119).
When we look at the three candidates’ profile, they each have different strengths and weaknesses. To begin with Marie Erten‐Loiseau,

* Marie Erten‐Loiseau
* May be the best match. She ranks high on technical ability, cultural suitability, family status, a facility with languages and, perhaps most importantly, she will be able to represent the interests of ...view middle of the document...

Her spouse has a culturally‐embedded career in Ireland and she has three young children. Dual career couples issues and potentially “family friendly policies” (from chapter 4) should be considered when contemplating her candidacy.

If forced to make a decision tomorrow, I believe Alistair should choose Marie

From the three candidates listed, if Alistair was forced to make a decision tomorrow, the candidate he should choose should be Janos Gabor. The major factors are that Janos’ background is in the production of cathode ray tube, is the Senior Engineer for the cathode ray tube division and his family is well connected with national government officials. Also Janos is single. (Dowling et al, 2009, p. 317) Janos’ background, family connections and the fact that he was born in Hungary will help the project along and the fact that this is a “ten-year joint venture with the Hungarian government-backed firm” (Dowling et al, 2009, p. 315) will pave the way for Trianon’s hopeful success.
A general recruitment and selection process Trianon should consider when selecting the candidate is their “technical ability, cross-cultural suitability, family requirements, country/cultural requirements, language and MNE requirements” (Dowling et al, 2009, p. 119). I feel Jonas fits these requirements perfectly. He has the technical ability because of his background in the production of the cathode ray tube, he is familiar with Hungary, country/cultural requirements and the language as he is from Hungary and studied at the University of Pecs, Hungary and he has no family requirements. This will fit Trianon’s strategic needs because of the ten-year...

* Marie: good technical as well as administrative abilities
* Janos: knows Hungarian culture and speaks the language, experience with the local products
* Sinead: has experience in the organiyational and administrative part of joint ventures, knowledge about local and global products
* The different abilities have to be compared and analyzed in relation to the vacant position
* Marie: is the best choice
* Long experience with Trianon in different areas
* Became acquainted with different cultures even if not the Hungarian
* Good technical education / background
* Fitting family status (child in university)
* Good language skills
* Janos:
* Cultural aptitude
* Knowledge of Hungarian language
* Fitting family status
* Short experience with Trianon
* Contacts to politcs may be a problem
* Lack of technical experience
* Sinead:
* Great technical experience even in joint ventures and the appropriate technology
* Weak cultural aptitude
* Weak language skills
* Family status...

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