Case 1 Walmart: The Main Street Merchant Of Doom

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A. What are the major issues in this case?
The major issues in this case are related about seven aspects of Walmart’s development.
First, it introduced the Walmart founder Sam Walton.
Second, it introduced the Walmart culture that Sam created.
Third, it introduced the “Buy American” plan and “Environment Awareness” campaign.
Forth, it introduced the Walmart successful examples.
Fifth, it introduced the opposition to Walmart.
Sixth, it introduced global growth of Walmart.
Seventh, it introduced new challenges of Walmart.
According the four-part CSR model, they are economic responsibility, legal responsibility, ethical responsibility and philanthropic ...view middle of the document...


D. What responsibility, if any, does the company have to these merchants or to the communities it enters?
Walmart should compensate the loss benefit of these merchants and the promise keep surrounding communities have normal lives as before.

A. What is the “Walmart Way”? Explain its impact on the associate and on the community.
According the case, the “Walmart Way” reflected Sam’s idea of the essential Walmart culture that need for success. When a customer entered into a store, he or she should feel at home. The customers not only find good products but also get service exceeding their expectations. So the “Walmart Way” let associate establish the primary service concept. The way let community become an important point of attraction.

  B. What has happened now that Sam is no longer the motivational leader?
   The new CEO forgotten the “Walmart Way” which Sam created, he instead the way with stepping into politic issues and use unethical way to eliminate rivals.
A. How do the “Buy American” program and the “Environmental Awareness” campaign illustrate this?
According the case, the goal of “Buy American” plan is to support American-based manufactures by doing business with them so that they would not go out of business, which can retain the domestic employment rate. The “Environment Awareness” campaign is Walmart as a leader among American companies in the struggle to clean up the environment.

B. Were these programs really early examples of corporate social responsibility or were they gimmicks to entice customers into the stores?
Yes, I think both programs just like a good advertisement for Walmart to get a good image in people’s mind. Because these two programs were processed in short time and got little feedback.

C. Are the benefits of its more recent corporate citizenship programs offset by the company’s detrimental impact on merchants?
Yes, the recent corporate citizenship programs are offset by company’s detrimental impact on merchants. Because after processing the recent corporate citizenship programs, there are millions of customers support Walmart.

A. What responsibility, if any, does Walmart have to the employees who are let go?
Walmart should pay the salary to these employees, if it cannot hold the business responsible. However, if Walmart is just closed this store, it can relocate its employees.
B. What about its loyal customers and the community?
Walmart also need to be responsible to its loyal customers and the community, if Walmart should be held liable.

Define the true goals of the opponents of Walmart. What should Walmart do?
Stopping Walmart’s expansion
Walmart can build a core store and limit the number of stores, it can win the game on low prices, high value and service.
Preserving the status quo
Walmart can build same size with other merchants, so that the status quo will be kept. Certainly, Walmart can win the game at the number of stores.

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