Case 2 Microsoft’s Partnership With Unhcr – Pro Bono Publico

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The case portrays the evolution of the partnership between software giant Microsoft Corporation and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative was created in 1999, as a bottom-up idea, when Microsoft employees initiated to help the victims of the Kosovo crisis. The outcome was a software registration system that today helps UNHCR administer their refugee camps in a more efficient and constructive way. The case illustrates an ideal example of a CSR programme and the importance of contributions made by business to society. In particular, it illustrates how a multinational company can take a responsible role in today's ...view middle of the document...

This research found significant indications that the concept and applicability of CC has the potential to benefit both business and society. In this case the two parties enjoy an improvement of performance, with stakeholder satisfaction on the one side and poverty reduction on the other, as a result of their partnership.
Is Corporate Citizenship THE solution to an increasing social divide and the way to a successful market-based economy?

The discussion of ethics, corporate responsibility and its educational dimensions focuses primarily on CSR, corporate citizenship and philanthropic theory and practise. The partnership between Microsoft Corporation and UNHCR was launched to help the victims of the Kosovo crisis, at the same time as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gained momentum, and in particular, at the same time as Microsoft experienced a decrease in stock value. This case study sheds light on a decade of Microsoft Corp. efforts to align business objectives with refugee aid, by use of corporate expertise and company revenues. As a leader in technology and corporate citizenship, can Microsoft bridge the digital divide for the disadvantaged and arouse the unlimited potential of tomorrow’s leaders, as the company claims in its communications? Is the partnership beneficial to UNHCR, in line with corporate objectives of “doing big things” and “doing good”?

Case 2 Microsoft
CASE 2 - Microsoft’s Partnership with UNHCR – Pro Bono Publico?
1. Is partnership the answer and can the company leverage all its assets to contribute pro bono publico?
By supporting the UNHCR, Microsoft engaged in a strategic partnership that is beyond satisfying shareholder...

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