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Case Analysis #3 Strategic Recruitment

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Case Analysis #3 Strategic Recruitment
Case Question
Why is Strategic Recruitment critical to the success of an organization in meeting its goals and mission? In order for an organization to meet its goals and mission, it must have employees that are skilled and trained to perform their jobs in such a way that the organization will benefit. Without planning in advance for the qualities and skill sets that are needed for quality job performance, a company would have a difficult time in meeting its goals. By planning to hire using the best options possible, companies can select the best candidates for their available positions. Hiring the right person is not by ...view middle of the document...

When Heidrick changed their compensation plan, the consultants complained, but knew that they would have to provide excellent performance with more teamwork in order to receive the amounts they were used to receiving under the old system.
In addition, internet search firms were springing up. This affected the bottom half of the clients that Heidrick served, so the recommendation was made to focus on the upper level executive placements. At the same time, the mid-level executive placements were the ones they did not want to lose because they actually received quite a bit of revenues from that. To add more complications, the human resource capabilities of the clients they served had become savvier about doing more of those activities that Heidrick has previously done so that they could recruit their employees on their own. Then demographic changes were resulting in the prospect of fewer people in the workforce in Europe, Japan, and China. The consultants noted that “executive management tenure was at an all time low, with just 40% of CEOs remaining in their job for longer than 18 months.” (Eccles & Lane, 2009).
Clearly, changes needed to be made. The consultants needed to be on the same page as management and implement the strategic vision of their CEO, and a strategic plan needed to be developed that would enable them to recruit and place the C-level and mid-level executives that had become their calling card.

Alternate Solutions (to the issues)
Kevin Kelly recognized several things that could be done to begin the change process for Heidrick: build a stable of key accounts that would improve client service and optimize their portfolio, invest in their leadership consulting capability, improve their internal development and enhance their recruitment activity, invest in technology to improve their productivity, create a visibility with younger talent, co-invest with start-ups and “joint ventures with NASDAQ and others” (Eccles & Lane, 2009). He wanted a team that was aware of the clients and their needs rather than just know one of the directors of the client company. This meant training and developing the consultants to deliver the quality service that he wanted the company to provide.
He planned for leadership consultants to work with the clients in a more meaningful way than the search consultants could. The plan was for the search consultants to find the right people, and then the leadership consultants could help them be successful by working with the boards, executives, and management teams to help them to build stronger leadership in their companies. Part of the training came from older consultants mentoring the younger, more recently hired members of the teams to guide them in learning the jobs they would be assuming as attrition cause the older ones to retire. In addition, experience had taught Heidrick that promoting and training from within was more successful in a shorter period of time than hiring...

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