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Case Analysis Health Care Reform

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Case Study Analysis Module 64- Health Care Legislation
When government decided to pass the health care reform act, I have always supported
this effort. I rank my response as a two within the parameters of “strongly in favor.” For years
many people in American have suffered at the mercy of insurance companies using their power
and authority to blindside and push the American people into a corner mentally, physically, and
financially leaving them desperate and in need health care. I have always felt that it was the
government’s duty to step in and regulate this matter in a way that would turn the tables on the
negative tactics of the insurance industry ...view middle of the document...

If it was my choice, and I stood in the position of Justice Kennedy,
it would take a tremendous amount of thought and ethical fortitude to make the kind of decision
that would be in the best interest of the right group of people.

Justice Kennedy should approach this matter with a fresh outlook and fresh perspective
for these issues. Justice Kennedy holds in his hand the decision making authority to completely
transform the trajectory of what the future holds for healthcare. He should base his decision both
on the legal doctrine and the application of the laws from the current context and future impact.
His decision should reflect several components to include his philosophies, policies, values, and
ideals. I believe that his ability to interpret the law should be done unanimously. If I had the
deciding vote on the Supreme Court regarding upholding the Health Care Reform bill, I would
vote to uphold the bill. The issues of health care reform in the United States have been a political
issue for many years, and it has been a major focus of many presidents with no success. This
time around President Obama has managed to accomplish what could not be accomplished in the
past. According to this bill will accomplish increasing coverage, decreasing the
cost and social burden of...

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