Case Analysis: Sycamore Pharmaceuticals

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Major Depression Disorder

Major Depression Disorde

The topic of this case study is Major Depression Disorder (MDD). This disorder is one of the most common psychiatric disorders, which occurs in both the young and old. Of all of the types of depression MDD is prominent due to the extent and duration of the most severe form of depression. It is second to heart disease in the extent it collaborates to the lower qualities of life. MDD is characterized by the effects it causes during such extent, leading it to be the most severe form of depression. In this paper the details of MDD, diagnosis, treatment, family, and psychosocial aspects will be covered.
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With symptoms occurring daily for a long period of time.
MDD has shown to have a substantial death rate. Of those who suffer with MDD 15% typically die from suicide (APA, 2000). Of those 15% most are over the age of 55 and have suffered major life changes. Most individuals who are over 55 and are living in assisted or nursing home have the highest motility rate. This stems from lose of decreased social, physical, and occupational functions.
MDD affects everyone involved not just the individual. For example, parents who suffer from MDD may have a lasting effect on their children and other family members. Not including others who have continuous affiliation with them.
There is a multitude of steadfast conditions which, are used to determine the severity of MDD. Such conditions include melancholic features, and atypical features. Catatonic features include motoric immobility, excessive motor activity, extreme negativism, peculiarities of voluntary movement, and echopraxia. Catatonic features occurs in 5 to 9% of patients. Melancholic features are the loss of pleasure in activities, lack of reactivity, distinct depressed mood, depression is sever in the early hours, weight loss, excessive guilt.
MDD affects everyone involved not only the patient themselves. This disorder can also be relatively seen in their family, co-workers, and caregivers. Those who live with someone who is depressed are more susceptible to becoming depressed themselves. This occurs when the individual is diagnosed with depression, the significant other starts to feel guilt. For example, significant others may blame themselves for the individual’s condition. When attempts to help those they love fail, individuals may develop learned helplessness. This conditions the belief they have no control over the situation therefore, any attempts to change the situation are pointless. Not including the effects on a significant other there are effects to co-workers and friends as well. Employers and co-workers may feel unsympathetic and resistant of the time need away from the individual’s job. Because, this can add more responsibility and obligations on them. The phenomenological study of families of depressed parents who are diagnosed with shows and unmanageable situation, feelings of hopelessness, and being unsatisfied. These factors have a negative impact on one’s dignity, self-respect, joy, and intubations.
MDD appears from an expanded array of circumstances. This disorder is affiliated with a large-scale of feelings. When compared to other types of depression MDD is known to have a biological affiliation, which can be controlled with medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy. There are numerous possibilities for the onset of depression. One which has been said to have an extensive contributing factor is one’s environment and life experiences. According to Coffino (2009) who studied the role of parents with...

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