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Case Of Panarama Bread Essay

758 words - 4 pages

Assignment – 01
Organizational Behavior & Leadership
(HRM 501)
Panera Bread Company
Team - 04

Submitted to:
Shahriar Akbar Chowdhury
Course instructor
Organizational Behavior & Leadership

Submitted by:
Humaira Nazia – 12164096
Urfa Zewar – 11364027
Rounak Morsalin – 12164021
Sheikh Tania Akhter – 12164081
Md. Mamunur Rashid Mamun – 12164084

Date of Submission:
28th January, 2013
BRAC University, Mohakhali

Question 1: what do you describe as Panera’s purpose, mission and strategy? Use the firm’s website for the further information and assistance.
Panera bread started their journey from 1997. Ron Shaich, the owner of this company is operating this company very well to move the ...view middle of the document...

Healthy organizations regularly try to understand their environments through use of environmental scanning, market research and evaluations.
So, we can see Ron Shaich utilized the open system model of organizations very successfully in moving Panera Bread Company forward in its competitive environment by
* Quick Casual dining
* Introducing Wi-Fi
* Serve etiquettes
* Homely environment
* Staffing
* Quality Product
* Monitoring trend

* Input: Panera utilized the concept of Quick Casual dining in their outlets to give their customers a very comfortable and homely feeling. The food is served with proper etiquettes by the workers. The Managers and Assistant Managers are very skilled and experienced in food service industry. It offers Wi-Fi in more than its 700 stores to its customers. These are all inputs of Panera’s open system model.

* Output: Panera offers a wide variety of soup and sandwiches, soufflés, salads, panini, pastries and sweets. Most of the menu offerings have bread as their key component and Panera’s bread are handmade and baked fresh daily. So Panera provides quality product towards their customers as their output.

* Learning: Panera constantly monitors the market so that they can predict the long term trends and orient the company towards innovation. This way they can also proactively respond to any situation in the marketplace if needed. For example: Panera voluntarily removed trans fat from its menu...

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