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Case Review Of Ehr Implementation

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A Case Review of EHR Implementation in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Jennifer Juif
Southern New Hampshire University

A Case Review of EHR Implementation in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Organizations face many challenges when implementing an electronic medical record (EHR) system. Quality, safety, and efficiency need to be maintained during implementation. The case study reviewed: Impact of electronic health record implementation on patient flow metrics in a pediatric emergency department (Kennebeck, Timm, Farrell, Sooner, 2012) attempted to quantify the effects of offloading low acuity patients and its impact on length of stay. Length of stay and volume of patients in ...view middle of the document...

Low acuity patients comprise the bulk of ER visits. Offloading them to another area and utilizing non-essential staff to care for them allows the main ER to care for the acutely ill. Diverting low acuity patients poses its own set of problems. An excellent triage system must be in place to ensure the right patients are being diverted. Accidently diverting a critically ill patient could be catastrophic. The triage process is part of the EHR and is subject to the implementation problems. The study did not discuss nursing care during the implementation. It focused on physician efficiency and the results on length of stay.
The case study does not discuss the preparations prior to EHR implementation other than increasing staffing and offloading patients. Education and training are key to implementation success. “EHR implementation is less about technology and more about change management.” (Carr, 2004). Discussing what to expect prior to implementation will get staff in the right frame of mind and embrace the change. Having various education opportunities will capture a large group of people. Customize the education and training to fit the needs. Once training and education are complete and the implementation has started, the “superusers” and system representatives can help real time. Support is ongoing. The organization where I am employed has a “hotline” that anyone can call for questions and IT staff make rounds. Once implementation has occurred, sustainability and optimization are key to ensuring success. (Macdonald, Riahi, 2012). Optimization happens real time. Staff using the system identify items that don’t work or that could be better and the IT department works to find solutions.
Loss of physician efficiency is a drawback to EHR implementation. Physicians opposed to EHR implementation pose a significant threat. Physicians who are vocal or purposefully sabotage the implementation can kill moral and ultimately the implementation. Having...

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