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Case Sample Essay

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CASE NO.1 The Compu-Blitz Shop

Problem Identification

As a new manager, what would be the best strategies will you implement?


I will deliberate with my employees to make a summary of the past records of the COMPU-BLITZ SHOP to find out what other problems, needs to buy or even financial. We will also focuses in observing the costumers and as well as the competitors for us to know the competitors advantages and to know what people usually buy in a computer shop and the following are resulting a good strategies towards success.


After deliberating you will find out what other problems of COMPU-BLITZ SHOP then enumerate the following problem.
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In analyzing those factors to improve the COMPU-BLITZ SHOP you need to undergo step by step not too slowly but surely toward success.

CASE NO.2 24/7 Grocery Store

Problem Identification

As a new manager, how can I build a good relationship with my subordinates?


As a manager you just don’t sit on your chair but a good leader must know how to make friends and to have a good relationship to his subordinates.


As a new manager of 24/7 Grocery Store you just not only need to implement your rules and other things of the company needs but you also think for your subordinate, always consider them because in every changes happen they are the first person who become affected. Always know what more benefits your subordinates and always communicate with them, only communication leads you to a better relationship with them.
If other grocery stores have many costumers while you are losing costumers. Meaning, there is something that they have and you don’t have. You need to find out what would be the problem but more important is you focus on the situation in which you need to find other solutions that can engaged people to enter your store, like having some promos, fliers. But being creativeness is one of the important things you need to be successful you need to put something that is not already exist in other store of your competitors.

CASE NO.4 A Change for the Better or for the Worst

Problem Identification

Through Mr. Consolacion’s proposal, how will the chairman of the board know if will help to the company.



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