Case Scenario Big Time Toy Maker

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Case Scenario Big Time Toy maker
Aragon Week4
Instructor Rosale Lopez
April 16, 2014

Level One Heading

Option Contract and Distribution Agreement
After reading this scenario, Big time toy maker and Chou did take part in an oral contract. In a meeting between BTT and Chou oral Documents were signed which bind both parties to fulfill certain obligations. A written contract was not necessary since this was a contract mainly dealing with services to disseminate the game, not a ...view middle of the document...

Finally, distribution of Start would have exceeded the 500.00 limit (Amended UCC § 2-201(1)) of the Statute of Frauds. The fact that may weigh against Chou is that the contract never had an actual signature on it.

Email Contracts

Yes it has an impact because email represents the acknowledgement by

Both parties of the distribution agreement made in the meeting despite e-mail failing to mention the word “contract.” And the Uniform Electronic

Transaction Act states that electronic correspondence is a valid form of communications while conducting business, and that electronic signatures and documentation satisfy the need for written records or signatures.

When the terms and specifics of the agreement were laid out via email and both parties agreed upon the agreement through email, it then became a written agreement, and therefore enforceable.

The Analysis of this case is that does email have an impact on the fact that the parties were communicating yes it absolutely, has impact on the way the parties were communicating because email and text have become very common that means that communication cannot mention the facts if it was used as admissible evidence in a court of law, the fact is that the emails covered all...

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