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Case Studies Essay

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We coordinate domestic advertising and marketing at the national and local levels. The goals of our marketing strategy include driving comparable store sales and brand differentiation, increasing our total coffee and beverage sales, protecting and growing our morning daypart sales, and growing our afternoon daypart sales. Generally, our domestic franchisees contribute 5% of weekly gross retail sales to fund brand specific advertising funds. The funds are used for various national and local advertising campaigns including print, radio, television, online, mobile, loyalty, billboards, and sponsorships. Over the past ten years, our U.S. franchisees have invested approximately $2.3 ...view middle of the document...

Our financial results are affected by the operating results of our franchisees.
We receive a substantial majority of our revenues in the form of royalties, which are generally based on a percentage of gross sales at franchised restaurants, rent, and other fees from franchisees. Accordingly, our financial results are to a large extent dependent upon the operational and financial success of our franchisees. If sales trends or economic conditions worsen for franchisees, their financial results may deteriorate and our royalty, rent, and other revenues may decline and our accounts receivable and related allowance for doubtful accounts may increase. In addition, if our franchisees fail to renew their franchise agreements, our royalty revenues may decrease which in turn could materially and adversely affect our business and operating results.
Our franchisees could take actions that could harm our business.
Our franchisees are contractually obligated to operate their restaurants in accordance with the operations, safety, and health standards set forth in our agreements with them. However, franchisees are independent third parties whom we do not control. The franchisees own, operate, and oversee the daily operations of their restaurants. As a result, the ultimate success and quality of any franchised restaurant rests with the franchisee. If franchisees do not successfully operate restaurants in a manner consistent with required standards, franchise fees paid to us and royalty income will be adversely affected and brand image and

Our success depends substantially on the value of our brands.
Our success is dependent in large part upon our ability to maintain and enhance the value of our brands, our customers' connection to our brands and a positive relationship with our franchisees. Brand value can be severely damaged even by isolated incidents, particularly if the incidents receive considerable negative publicity or result in litigation. Some of these incidents may relate to the way we manage our relationship with our franchisees, our growth strategies, our development efforts in domestic and foreign markets, or the ordinary course of our, or our franchisees', business. Other incidents may arise from events that are or may be beyond our ability to control and may damage our brands, such as actions taken (or not taken) by one or more franchisees or their employees relating to health, safety, welfare, or otherwise; litigation and claims; security breaches or other fraudulent activities associated with our electronic payment systems; and illegal activity targeted at us or others. Consumer demand for our products and our brands' value could diminish significantly if any such incidents or other matters erode consumer confidence in us or our products, which would likely result in lower sales and, ultimately, lower royalty income, which in turn could materially and adversely affect our business and operating results.
The quick service restaurant...

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