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Case Study #1

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Running head: CASE STUDY #1 1

Case Study #1:
Brothers Going Separate Ways or not?
Louis Jones
Florida State College at Jacksonville

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Over the years, the citizens of America have created an ideal that has resonated with people all over the world called the, American Dream. This ideal has spread like wildfire throughout the nation and to countries all over the world. The dream can mean different things to different individuals, but primarily it speaks on this nation’s desire for comfort and happiness (Dictionary Reference, 2014) The citizens ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand they both are very creative and have ideas in which they want to come to fruition whether it be within the business or with something completely different. Even though Derrick and Kevin are brothers, I think they both have vastly different ideas on how a business should be run and what ways they can be more successful than their predecessors. I believe that Derrick could be considered a small business owner due to his desire
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to continue in his parents footsteps and to run the families auto repair and towing business. Derrick does show shades of being an entrepreneur due to his desire to grow the next generation of business and to resist the norms that exist within the company. A small business is defined as a business that is independently owned and operated, is organized for profit, and is not dominant in its field (SBA, 2014). Derrick likes the idea of expanding and has created the idea of using the space above the garage as a custom auto parts showroom. He also likes the idea of using unused space on the property as self-service gas pumps and an automated car was. Derrick even became aware of other local competing business having success with the addition of their own convenience stores and he thought that they should do the same in order to drive sales. Derrick is very ambitious and he understands the importance of expansion and watching market trends. He realized that in order to create more revenue for your business you have to meet the needs of its customers. If more services are made available for customers then the more money that they spend. Kevin is the more ambitious of the too. He desires to own several businesses and he wants to be able to bounce around between the lot. Kevin has participated in internships with the school in order to familiarize himself with the programs and opportunities that the SBA has to offer. Kevin has provided himself with the necessary tools in order to run a company by learning, experiencing, and conducting all manner of business type affairs. Kevin is very interested in real estate development and he knows that there is plenty of new room for developers to create for themselves. His drive will lead him to live in and work in China, South America, and possibly Eastern Europe. Even though Kevin and Derrick have very different plans for themselves they could both be considered entrepreneurs. Derrick could be considered a small business type individual, but there really isn’t a difference between a “small business’ person “entrepreneur”
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due to them both dealing with owning their own business. The company sizes may be different but their titles could be the same.
If I was Kevin and Derrick’s advisor I would create a plan in which...

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