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Case Study

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National University
of Computer & Emerging Sciences
National University
of Computer & Emerging Sciences

FAST school of management, National university of Computer and Emerging Sciences Islamabad, Pakistan
This case is written by Fatima Babar, Mubashir Saeed, Syed Awais Ali (MBA students) of FAST School of Management, Islamabad, Pakistan under the supervision of Mr.Adil Amin Kazi (Assistant Professor FAST School of Management, Islamabad, Pakistan). Case study refers to learning purposes only.
Cases in management
Dated: 25/05/2015

“Pakistan Cricket Board; from Free Fall to the Downfall”
Sharyar Khan, the 31st and the second time elected Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket ...view middle of the document...

Above all, the terrorist attack on the Srilankan team in 2009 not only banned international cricket in Pakistan but also stopped a mainstream revenue line for the cricket industry. Finally now after six years, international cricket was about to revive. National Cricket team of Zimbabwe has reached Lahore. Strict security measures were taken for their security in order to avoid any terrorist activity. Sharyar, who is a diplomat by profession but a cricket enthusiast by choice, pulled up his all efforts to bring back the international cricket in Pakistan and this tour was a reward for those efforts. Terrorism was just one element to be blamed for. Big three, talent hunt infrastructure, mismanagement, mafia control and political interferences were the challenges he still had to fight for. Although Sharyar was apparently happy for the success of reviving international cricket in Pakistan but deep down inside he was seeking answer to the many questions raising in his mind that how can he at least stop the downfall of the cricket from the free fall?
Cricket history of Pakistan:
Off Ground History:
After the Pakistan came into existence in 1947 through independence from the British government, cricket was the only formal sport considered to be looked at for the national development. The obvious reason for this was the recently ended “British Raj” and that cricket, being the national sport of England, was played across the globe in the acquired colonies of the Great Britain by the British people running those colonies. British not only left the well-built infrastructure in the subcontinent but an implicit lifestyle as well for the emerging two nations; Pakistan and India which started of the passion for cricket in both countries
Pakistan cricket board was officially formed in 1948 with the title “Cricket Control Board of Pakistan” later renamed as “Board of Control for Cricket in Pakistan (BCCP)”, less than a year after the independence with the responsibility of governing professional cricket including one day international and test cricket. In 1994, the BCCP was given a new name “Pakistan Cricket Board” with an introduction of Chairman and Chief Executive. PCB controls and organizes all the tour and matches for the Pakistan National cricket team. Pakistan was admitted to International cricket council in 1952 and since then has been operating as full member participating in test and one day international cricket.
Since from the day one, Pakistan cricket board has been facing the biggest challenge of instability in the management and leadership positions. In past 65 years there had been 31 different chairmen to run the cricket board (Appendix 1). Political interference has been the major factor in this destabilization. Also an informal and continuously changing approach towards the management is a habitual practice towards the organization. In the Pakistani cricket history, six different events of the suspensions of the management have occurred...

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