Case Study A Letter To The Manager

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Case Study (Chapter 1, page 17)
Question 1
What are the real problems that the customer is highlighting?
Firstly, the problem that customer highlighting is automatic debiting the customer account by way of penalty. This action cause the customer has to rethink his errant financial way. The bank should having a notice or inform to their customers before debiting any penalty. This may cause many of customers that face the financial problem to fall into difficulty.
Besides, the customer notices he cannot contact to employee over the time. The customers are confronted by the impersonal ever-changing, pre-recorded, faceless entity which the bank has become. The customers want to deal with a flesh and blood person but not the automated voice phone system. This impersonal ...view middle of the document...

To helping the customer, customer service should not be charge.
Lastly, the problem is the automated voice phone system of the bank. The customer contact to the bank need to go through very long time system and it need to charges. They need pressing buttons on the phone, customer will be guided through an extensive set of menus. There are many options to choose by customer before customers can meet their need....
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