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Case Study Analysis

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Central ProblemHow an employee feels about his or her company directly impacts his or her work performance and productivity. One of an employee's first impressions of their new company is based upon their orientation. This fragile new employee to employer relationship was jeopardized at ABC, Inc due to a lack of preparation. Analysis of the situation revealed the conclusion that if personnel in charge of recruiting and orientation had been prepared and had avoided procrastination in the organization of the orientation, this situation would not have occurred.BackgroundFifteen new trainees were recruited two months in advance of their proposed orientation date. Two weeks before the orientation was to take place, several issues were discovered. A major portion of the paperwork needed for the new hires was incomplete including applications, transcripts, proof of mandatory drug screenings, and ...view middle of the document...

Another possible resolution to this issue would be to terminate the employment of the recruiter whose procrastination and lack of organization caused the situation. However, this is not the best solution either because his termination would not resolve the existing issues with the impending orientation and the process of interviewing, hiring, and training another new recruiter would only further delay processes within the company.Proposed SolutionThe recommended solution for this issue would be to make all necessary efforts to conduct the orientation as scheduled. Immediate action needs to be taken to contact the new hires in relation to completing their paperwork and scheduling their drug tests. The partial orientation manuals available need to be reviewed in order to cobble together a complete manual that can be sent to the printer to be copied for each of the new employees in time for the scheduled orientation. Lastly, an alternative location for the orientation class needs to be scheduled and set up appropriately for the orientation.RecommendationsTo avoid a repeat of this situation in the future, a couple of things must occur. First, the recruiter needs to receive additional training and direction about what procedures and timelines are required for the company's new hire process. Second, the recruiter must make a conscious effort to be more prepared for future orientations by avoiding procrastination. To illustrate the importance of this idea, William Knaus states procrastination is a "multibillion-dollar time-thief that renders an organization less nimble and competitive" and causes companies to suffer a 10% loss in production (as cited in Hainsworth, 2001, p. 23). The simple act of preparing for orientations in advance can save the company, and its employees, time money and stress.Reference:Hainsworth, K. (2001, July 2). The thief of time. Are you a procrastinator? You could belosing your company money. Evening Standard. p.23. Retrieved December 16, 2005, from ProQuest database.

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