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Case Study: Clover Valley Dairy Company

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Case Study: Clover Valley Dairy Company

Rebeca Aquino

DeVry University

Case Study: Clover Valley Dairy Company

Statement of the Problem(s)
The main issue in this case study is weather a newly developed multipack carrier for yogurt was ready for market testing and, if so, how should Vince Roth, General Manager of the Clover Valley Dairy Company, should perform this testing.
Summary of the Facts
The Clover Valley Dairy Company had sold and produced milk derivate products including milk, ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, butter, skim milk, buttermilk and cream, since 1930.
Their sales had being successful and with an annual increase of sales of $3.75 million, ...view middle of the document...

So new multi packaging started to be developed.
Now the next thing to do was to figure out how to best introduce this new multi packing to the public. This was when Mr. Krieger, the president of Clover Valley, sent a letter to Mr. Roth suggesting that he should look for a few outlets where competition from other dairy companies did not exist to test market the new multi pack yogurts. Mr. Krieger even suggested a desired outlet and a way of performing the customer surveys.
A market test was necessary to be made before introducing this new product presentation. After so many tests the perfect multi packaging method had being found and according to sales forecast selling the 6oz yogurts in a multi pack would allow the revenue to increase more than just keep selling the 6oz or even the 1lb yogurt alone.
Suggested by the president of Clover Valley, a new test marketing survey was suggested. Mr. Krieger, recommended that Mr. Roth chose the Naval Base or Bill’s Market, two carriers that did not sell competitors products, and started to deliver just multi packed yogurts for the first two weeks and for the 3rd week to start delivering single 6oz products as well then have a representative to be stationed at the dairy case and ask the people who purchased Clover Valley yogurts why they had chosen either the individual yogurts or the multi pack ones. Thank...

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