Case Study Eagle

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PROC 5000 case study for Webster University Masters Program

Eagle Manufacturing Company

Case Study Week 1

PROC5000- Professor Dau

Brian Albanese


• In his first two years, Ted Jones has recruited and developed top notch professionals in his office at Eagle Manufacturing Company (EMC)
• Morale is beginning to be poor in the office
• There is a lack of communication between the different departments at EMC
• Everyone who experiences problems with services or products purchased for EMC go to Ted for inquiry and help


• As your employees gain more ...view middle of the document...

• This could cause Ted to feel overworked and underpaid in most cases of government workers. When everyone who has a problem goes to Ted for solutions and inquires, this cuts into time needed to complete new work coming into the office. Ted has the potential in this case to be drained with duties that could have been prevented.


• Best Solution: Negotiate pay raises for employees in your department that equal their market values, Alternate Solution: Provide a up-to-date training program for employees that keep their careers progressing as they have the opportunity to further there experience and education
• Best Solution: In this case, I would recommend retention bonuses of some sort to give a boost to the morale along with a department meeting. This could again get everyone on the same page while providing a financial bonus that lets them know that they are appreciated, Alternate Solution: Finding out exactly what issues are gong on in the office. Interacting more with employees and personally meeting with everyone in your department can do this.
• Best Solution: Having the head of each department meet once weekly to discuss any issues that relate to supply management, Alternate Solution: Executive management requiring department managers to communicate regularly in regards to understanding the steps and everyone’s responsibility in the acquisition cycle.
• Best Solution: Require department directors to communicate problems or issues with supply management on a regular basis,...

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