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A Case Analysis of Carl Robins
By: Paul Van Berkum
April 6, 2015
Instructor: Gary Tandy

A Case Analysis of Carl Robins
Utilizing a case analysis of Carl Robins, the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., we are going to examine the processes in which new recruits will be selected, hired, and processed for orientation in a timely manner. From this analysis, we will develop new processes as we identify key issues, evaluate alternative solutions, and present possible solution to the issue.
Carl is charged with hiring and assuring that all recruits complete all necessary requirements and are ready to begin orientation on June 15th. This being Carl's ...view middle of the document...

What Carl needs now is time.
Of the issues presented to Carl, the biggest problem is that he hasn't acquired a facility to complete orientation by the June 15th deadline and the training room won't be available until the following month. Carl can either find another facility to accommodate the new recruits or he can try to postpone the orientation. If he can postpone the orientation until the beginning of July, he can then reserve the training room. This will also allow him more time to have the recruits complete the applications and submit their missing transcripts, schedule of the new recruits to complete their drug screens, and allow Carl time to print off new orientation manuals and policy booklets. However, this may not go over too well with Monica, the Operations Supervisor.
Another alternative to Carl's dilemma is to find another facility that can accommodate all of the new recruits, schedule the recruits to return before the orientation is to begin to complete their applications and submit their transcripts, and complete a drug screen in time for orientation. This solution is less viable because it would require Carl to be able to pull off a massive scheduling task as it is likely that the recruits will already have other things scheduled on their calendars and the clinic may not be able to accommodate the recruits on their schedule. Additionally, there is no indication that Carl will be able to have the new orientation manuals and policy booklets printed in time. Carl will have to really scramble to make this happen and risk losing several or many of his new recruits to other possibilities i.e. other job offers.
It would appear the most practical solution would be that orientation be rescheduled to allow Carl to reserve the training room and more time to complete the necessary tasks required. Carl can then have time to have the recruits complete their applications and submit their transcripts. Carl can then schedule them to complete their drug screens and have new orientation manuals and policy booklets printed out.
The first recommendation is that Carl and Monica communicate more effectively and in a more timely manner. Monica needs to communicate her needs pertaining to the number of recruits she needs and when she requires them to begin orientation and complete the training schedule. Carl needs to...

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