Case Study: Google In China

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Case Study: Google in China
Google China is a subsidiary of Google, Inc. and ranks as the number two search engine in China. The week four individual assignment for Global Business Strategies, MGT 448 is to select a case student from the International Business textbook. The case study is “Google in China.” The assignment provides a brief synopsis on legal, cultural, and ethical challenges confronted by Google. The assignment further determines the various roles the host government plays in Google’s global business operation. Last, the assignment summarizes the strategic and operational challenges facing global managers involved with Google in China.
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1). In 2002, Chinese authorities blocked Google China and Internet users in China by erecting a firewall between the Internet in China and the rest of the world, allowing the country’s censors to block sites outside China deemed subversive (Hill, 2009).
The strategic and operational challenges facing Google’s global managers in China is how to capitalize on the Android operating system for mobile devices, online advertising, and product search services growing in China. Google pulled the company’s initial push in China in 2010, after a confrontation with Chinese authorities over censorship. Leadership renewed their efforts after acknowledging the company could not afford to miss the opportunity to exploit the Android market in China. In Google’s first attempt, the company serviced the Chinese population from the United States. However, to control operations and opportunity better, Google established computer servers in Hong Kong. With more than 100 million users, China is becoming the largest Internet market in the world and a major source of advertising revenue for Google (Hill, 2009).
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