Case Study Joe's Problem

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Case Study: What is Joe’s Problem? Lisa A. Jones

This case study describes the problems resulting from the promotion of Joe Doss at Ajax. Joe had an outstanding technical mind. He enjoyed doing research and working alone in his lab. Recognized as an outstanding contributor to the company, he received a promotion to head of a new research team. Problems immediately ensued, administrative details went unattended, and team members found it difficult to talk to Joe. He was preoccupied with technical problems.

Organizational Level Problems
The organization promoted Joe based on his technical skills, without taking into consideration Joe’s ...view middle of the document...

The supervisor viewed Joe as his implicit favorite and convinced himself the he was a good candidate for the team leader position.

Individual Problems
Joe’s previous work represented more of an individualistic culture for him. He possessed superior technical skills but lacked leadership strengths and had no prior experience as a leader. The presence of a team as opposed to his solitary work environment created impaired social facilitation for Joe. His lack of experience and leadership strengths led to substantive, affective, and process conflicts between team members and himself. Joe perceived his supervisors visit with him to discuss team problems as destructive criticism. He responded with anger and showed an unwillingness to cooperate. Joe thrived in his previous research role and his lone work environment. His promotion, added responsibilities, and team conflicts created previously unexperienced stressors for him at work. Joe’s decision style was analytical. He experienced difficulty attending to the administrative details required in his new position. Joe has begun to experience signs of burnout and job dissatisfaction.

Case Study: What is Joe’s Problem? Lisa A. Jones

Organizational Recommendations
The organization needs to begin by knowing its workforce, understanding leadership development, and knowing how to create and nurture successful teams. It must begin to evaluate an individual’s leadership capability prior to promoting him or her into leadership or supervisory positions. Implementing a leadership development program and creating strong cohesive teams through developing effective leadership are key to establishing a successful organization with capable leaders. The organization should use grid training as an effective means of developing successful leadership behavior. The organization must also focus on developing diverse teams with complementary skills through team building training. Action learning is the best approach to ensuring continued development of teams and...

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