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Case Study Material

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Answer 3:case 1-HR
Motivational practice involves practitioners engaging patients in ongoing opportunities that evoke reflective learning experiences about behavior change. Patients can use this introspective process to generate their own personal evidence about making deep change, and re-program their automatic behaviors to develop healthier habits.
These learning methods are an epiphenomenon to the inner, core experience of the individual who is willing to explore deep change. The primary focus of motivational practice is on helping individuals participate in meaningful, learning experiences that facilitate deep change. This sense-making process can activate patients to optimize their ...view middle of the document...

Money awards are effective:
*  Hunger is the greatest motivational force.Money is the tool to achieve many things in life. If you sum up them all, money does assume a great importance.
*  Money motivates people, and extra money motivates people to work extra.
* · Employees compete to raise productivity or standards.
*  It is not always possible to promote people, so money is a simple way to reward workers.
* Money is acceptable for all workers - some may not appreciate a particular present, or some gifts may be insulting.
*  Money often plays an important role in someone's decision to join or leave a company.
Money is only sometimes effective, or sometimes does not work:
*   If employees are highly paid, money may not be sufficient. They may prefer other benefits, such as an award ceremony or dinner, a club membership, a travel ticket, a car, a window office, etc.
* Money may set employees against each other, leading to conflict in the office.
* It may be difficult to determine the standard or basis for the decision to award the employee.
* Employees may feel forced to compete
Anser2: case 3
Why do companies have orientation programs? The prime reason for that is that the new employee needs to know the business of the company, their rules and policies, the work culture and most importantly, the people.

However properly you select employees, is it ever possible for someone coming from outside to know about the insides of the company? Comparing this situation with a family, how can a newly wed bride know about the intricacies of the family without being a part of it?

So the orientation program is inevitable for a proper induction. Its not just about form filling and time wastage. In the absence of such a formal orientation, employees do not feel a part of the company
Answer 4:
New employee orientation is usually performed by the Human Resources department or the department in which the employee will work. The orientation process teaches the employee how to navigate the company's structure and learn how the company operates.

Purposes of Orientation
Employers have to realize that orientation isn't just a nice gesture put on by the organization. It serves as an important element of the recruitment and retention process. Some key purposes are:
To Reduce Startup Costs:
To Reduce Anxiety:
To Reduce Employee Turnover:
To Save Time for the Supervisor:
To Develop Realistic Job Expectations, Positive Attitudes and Job Satisfaction:

Project Requirements Gathering is a complex and challenging activity.  It is also one of the most important activities in project management, as it establishes the baseline against which the product of the project is measured.  Here are some thoughts and ideas on effective requirements gathering for any project.
1. Establish your stakeholders very thoroughly.  Develop categories for types of stakeholders, such as users, support, interfacing in certain areas,...

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