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Case Study Monitor 23

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I. Introduction
The case study focuses on an employee, Paul Keller, who is being affected by a number of factors. His job performance is hindered by constraints such as his work environment, his home environment, stressors, mood, and the management style of his superior. The case study demonstrates how his job performance is affected and what the consequences could be as a result of his poor job performance and lack of concentration.
II. Problems
Paul is not able to perform his job well due to, in his opinion, being tired. The conversations with his wife that replays in his thoughts show how he is conflicted at home. He apparently does not have a strong, supportive home environment. The ...view middle of the document...

It now looks as though he experiences more negative emotions because he now views his life more negatively.
Paul sounds as though he is suffering from burnout. Burnout is a syndrome of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion coupled with feelings of low self-esteem or low self-efficacy (Greenberg, 2010). His low self-esteem shows that he does not place a high overall value on himself and his low self-efficacy shows that he does not believe in his ability to perform tasks successfully. According to Greenberg in his text, Managing Behavior in Organizations, the symptoms of burnout include physical exhaustion, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and feelings of low personal accomplishment. As a result, his negative affectivity is heightening his stressors and that further induces is negative mood, heightened strain, burnout, and poor job performance.
The next constraint to his job performance is the leadership style and characteristics of his superior. His superior sounds as though he does not exhibit interpersonal skills. The case study states that he would call Paul into his office and ask of him what the problem was but he wouldn’t really want to listen. It also states that his superior read weakness into any personal problems so the workers were to keep their personal life separate from their work life. The case study also portrays that the type of rewards or punishment that his superior offers is negative reinforcement. Negative reinforcement is the process by which people learn to perform acts leading to the avoidance of undesirable actions and avoidance of undesirable consequences, including punishment (Greenberg, 2010).
III. Recommendations
There are several recommendations to be offered to solve the problems displayed by this case study. The organization should offer programs to help alleviate stressors, strain, negative...

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