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Case Study Of Pji

1165 words - 5 pages

Philippine Journalists Inc.
Case Study

Submitted to:
Mr. Jayson Imatong

Submitted by:
Pacdaan, Kriszel P.
Submitted to:
Mr. Jayson Imatong

Submitted by:
Pacdaan, Kriszel P.
October 10, 2014
October 10, 2014

Executive Summary
The Philippine Jour
nalists Incorporated (PJI) is the publishing company for The Journal Group of Publications, namely: The Journal, People’s Journal, People’s BagongTaliba, People’s Journal Tonight, Women’s Journal Magazine, and The International Editions thereof. It was incorporated on October 20, 1972 shortly after declaration of Martial Law, with an authorized capital of P500, 000, consisting of ...view middle of the document...

1. To recover the DBP Loan exposure resulting from the capital deficiency and the huge negative book value.
2. To achieve the privatization of the Philippine Journalists Incorporated (PJI)
III. Areas of Consideration
* Philippine Journalists Inc. (PJI) is the publishing company for The Journal Group of Publications that was incorporated on October 20, 1972 with an authorized capital of P500, 000.00, consisting of P5, 000 shares with par value of P100 each.
* At that time of incorporation, the PJI offices located at the Meralco Building in Pasig, Rizal. In 1976, the company transferred its offices to Railroad Street, Port Area, Manila, after subleasing from Beta Realty Corporation a lot known as “Block 173” with building owned by the National Government. Subsequently, it subleased on June 21, 1979 from Capital City Realty Development Corporation another lot, Block 168, also on Railroad Street, Port Area, Manila owned by the National Government.
* On April 21, 1980, Beta Realty Corporation, an affiliate of PJI, transferred or assigned its right and interest on aforesaid “Block 173” to capital City Realty Development Corporation (CCRDC), another affiliate, per “ Contract to Sell/Assign Leasehold Rights and Sell Improvements” which was subsequently approved by the Ministry of General Services.
* The operations of PJI as publishing company depends on its existing leasehold rights and improvements as the sublease of Block 173, Railroad Street, Port Area, Manila, consisting of 5, 797.31 sq. m. with the Journal building erected thereon.

Action Plan
From the four various options given to the government to recover DBP Loan Exposure, only the last option is feasible and applicable. The option is that the National Government through PCGG will sell its creditor’s rights to the highest bidder on a cash or installment basis for say P80 to P100 Million under such terms and conditions the PCGG may deem necessary to impose such as:
1. The PCGG will return its sequestration powers over Philippine Journalists Inc. and designate representatives of the buyer as members of a new Philippine Journalists Inc. board of directors.
2. The new buyer will exercise control and management of Philippine Journalists Inc. through the new board of directors under probably an amended articles of incorporations and/or by-laws.
3. The new Philippine Journalists Inc. board will be under the majority control of the buyer and will assume responsibility for carrying out the debt-equity conversation scheme to make the PJI operation feasible and viable.

Case Analysis
The privatization of PJI is one of the highest...

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