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A4 Case Study Reporter

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This case is about Zenova which is a German company sell healthy and beauty products. Unfortunately, a team of this company met some troubles. The situation was that the team members’ morale is low and progress is also too much slow. According to team members feedback to their manager whose name is Rydn Douglas. It is ...view middle of the document...

The furthermore, Rydn’s team has not a good teamwork because Rydn limit the team members to use their abilities and skills (Hickey et al. 2005, p48). The reason of project behind schedule is that employee can not contribute their own power under the Rydn’s management style.

The second problem bring the team into trouble which is low morale. The symptom is that some old employees are refused by manager who want get more freedoms on job, on the other hand, new employees grumble at Rydn about too many easy works. As a result, both of old and new employees are not satisfy with their job. Rydn’s management style is directing style which is not suitable for the old employees. There is another leadership style can meet the old employees’ needs that is delegating style. The delegating style is suitable for the subordinates who have enough skills and motivations to accomplish job (Thornton. 2004, p81). If manager use delegating style, he/she just give goals and deadline to subordinates, the employees will have freedom to manage their time (Thornton. 2004, p80). Although some new employees like directing style, they ask for more important work. Rydn’s management style is not suitable for old employees but it appreciate for people who have not enough experience or capacity(Thornton. 2004, p78).While Rydn should still pay more attention to motivate the new employees. There are several different factors in motivation which involve feeling of accomplishment, promotion and accepted by others(John, James & Richard. 2008, p115) Asking for more important works can be defined as a kind of phenomenon about absence of achievement. Therefore, giving more challenging work is an effective way to raise the new employees’ morale.
Culture ignorance is another cause of the low morale. Rydn’s team is a multinational team but his behavior shows that he knows little about employees’ culture. Some employee said that Rydn should not put feet on the desk, others think that criticize directly is impolite in their culture. It is obviously that Rydn is lack of cultural empathy. Cultural empathy is an ability to let manager think on the employees’ position and it is an important ability to lead a multicultural group (Chang & Tharenou. 2004, p124). As a good manager of multinational group who should has a cultural understanding and respect other values. Cultural understanding means that manager should has a basic knowledge of other culture.( Chang & Tharenou. 2004, p124). Despite of it, manager should also accept and really like cultural difference ( Chang & Tharenou. 2004, p124). Thus, a good cultural empathy can help manager to avoid cultural ignorance.
Problem solutions and evaluations
One solution is that company can replace Rydn Douglas by Elliot...

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