Case Study Student With Special Needs

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Case Study: Student with Special Needs Essay
Andrew Robidas
Grand Canyon University
UNV 555
May 14, 2014

Case Study: Student with Special Needs Essay
Beginning in the mid-2000s, more than six million kids ages between six and twenty-one were receiving special education and other needed special services through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that was implemented starting in 1997. This was a twenty-five percent increase from 1993, where approximately 4.8 million children were getting special necessities. In today’s society, students who have disabilities are offered attention that is different from students who do not have disabilities in ...view middle of the document...

During his public schooling years, T.A. had trouble staying focused to his studies and completing his assignments. With help from his loving and supportive family, he performed well academically without needing special education or relatable services (“Forest Grove,” 2009).
In early 2001, T.A. was assessed for a learning disability to receive special education services. The staff at the public school made that notes that T.A. may possibly have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). By mid-2001, it was decided that T.A. did not have a learning disability and, therefore, was not entitled to obtain special education. Despite the conclusion, no follow-ups ever took place concerning a possible 504 plan in a psychologist’s information or the possibility of ADHD from the school district (“Forest Grove,” 2009).
In 2002, T.A. began abusing marijuana. His behaviors changed as a result from using this drug. In early 2003, he ran away from home. He was found and returned home within a few days. His parents took him to see another psychologist. This psychologist established T.A. to have “ADHD, depression, math disorder, and cannabis abuse” and suggested a housing program (“Forest Grove,” 2009).
T.A. was enrolled into a residential private school designed to help children who have multiple problems. While in private school, his parents hired a lawyer and requested a directive for the school district to perform a thorough evaluation. In mid-2003, the evaluators gathered to decide if T.A. was entitled for assistances under IDEA. The school officials recognized T.A. had learning problems, ADHD, depression, but most of them felt that he was not eligible under IDEA because his diagnoses did not greatly impact his academic performance negatively. In August of 2003, another team met and decided that T.A. was not entitled to assistances or adjustments under 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (“Forest Grove,” 2009).
In early 2004, an opinion was issued from a Hearing Officer referring to an administrative hearing held in September of 2003. She claimed that T.A. was restricted and entitled under IDEA and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 for special education. She also stated that the school district was accountable for reimbursing the tuition of the private school T.A. attended, which was $5,200 per month (“Forest Grove,” 2009).
The school district fired back, disagreeing that the Hearing Officer made a mistake by allowing repayment of T.A.’s private school instruction. The school district argued that the repayment was not necessary because T.A. left the public school setting with not giving earlier intentions. The school district also stated that he at no time was given special education or linked services from them. Finally, the school district indicated that T.A. left public school due to drug abuse and behavioral troubles...

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