Case Study/ The Murder Of Carolyn Casey

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Case Study/ The Murder of Carolyn Casey

Ynobe Matthews was Executed January 6, 2004 at 6:18 p.m in Texas by lethal injection for the 2000 rape and murder of a College student named Carolyn Casey. He was also charged with arson as a result of the fire he started at the crime scene. DNA, a post mortem examination, and fibers left at the crime scene all played a crucial role in solving this case.
Though not acquainted, Ynobe Matthews and Carolyn Casey attended the same party that had been thrown by a Resident of the Apartment Complex they resided in. Carolyn Casey stated to a friend she was feeling unwell and left the party. In the early morning hours of May 28, Fire Fighters responded to a call at the Dou ...view middle of the document...

Eventually, Ynobe Matthews was asked to had over certain articles of clothing he wore during the party. He was also asked to give samples of his head hair, pubic hair, blood and saliva. After homicide detectives viewed video surveillance camera footage taken from a convenience store, it was discovered that he intentionally gave detectives the wrong clothing. When he was confronted with the camera footage he handed over the missing clothing which where promptly tested for evidence.
Due to the fire, semen was not found on or inside the victim, however, fibers taken from the underwear of Carolyn Casey matched clothing the perpetrator had worn in the surveillance footage. Skin scrapping taken from underneath the victims fingernails and both hands also matched the DNA profile of Ynobe Matthews. An autopsy later revealed certain bones where broken in her neck which is consistent with manual strangulation. Ynobe Matthews plead guilty to the murder of Carolyn Casey but stated that the sex between them was consensual and he had killed her after an argument. The probability that sex between them was consensual diminished when a surviving victim of his came forward. He was also connected to the attempted to rape of two other young women, and had succeeded in raping three other young women, in addition he was also connected to the rape and murder of a 6th women who had been found in a road side ditch by joggers. Even with the absence of biological DNA indicating a rape had occurred circumstantial evidence, as well as the surveillance footage and fiber left at the scene, where enough to convict Ynobe Matthews of the rape and murder of Carolyn Casey. After many rejected appeals Ynobe Matthews was Executed January 6, 2009

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