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September 19, 2015

Dr. James

Case I
USA Today


Case 1- USA Today
Kimberley Hutchinson K90000787
Current Marketing Objectives, Strategy and Performance
Gannett Co., Inc. began USA Today in 1982 by filling a gap in the newspaper industry.
Gannett wanted their paper to provide more news about more subjects in a short time frame. The
two trends they took advantage of were catering to adults who had short attention spans and who
were nurtured on television. These consumers wanted different information from their
newspapers. The readers wanted quick, clear, fact-filled stories that were arranged with
subheads, breakouts, ...view middle of the document...

The print version also takes a hit as the cost of newsprint continues to
increase. The most logical way to approach these changes will be to focus more on the digital
format of delivering news.
Current and Anticipated Organizational Resources
Both print and online advertising have decreased dramatically over the years. Currently
they are down 17.7% and 1.7% respectively. This decrease is expected to continue, especially for
the print advertisers. The demographics of the customer have also changed as smartphones and
wireless internet access have increased. It is well known that print readership has decreased and
will most likely continue to decrease as technology grows. The goal of USA Today should be
increasing technological staff to keep up with online content marketing.
The organizational resources of USA Today are both a strength and a weakness. They
are the most read newspaper in the United States with 414,000 more print readers than The Wall
Street Journal and 817,000 more print readers than The New York Times. Their online news has
greater than 11.9 million visitors which has grown each year. They remain the most circulated
print newspaper in the United States with 1.8 million daily newspapers circulating. However,
more recently, they report a 14.3% and a 20% decline in publishing and classified advertisement

Case 1- USA Today
Kimberley Hutchinson K90000787
revenue, respectively. Also, an 18.4% drop in paid ad pages. This change is expected to continue
in the future with the print platform.
The paper has a tremendous brand extension underway. In 2008, they began the
marketing goal of capturing more shares of consumers rather than only increasing their market
share. In order to do this they began USA Today Travel Zone retail to capture the frequent
travelers, and USA Today Live on television to capture more business professionals and
travelers. While their brand extension continues, partnerships were born. Fuse, a music
television network and Versus and MOJO HD, promoting additional television programming are
two parnerships.
An additional internal strength which can also become a weakness is the online news. In
the early 2000’s was making a change to an on- demand media format. The
consumers were changing their wants and needs. The consumers did not want news now, they
wanted it yesterday. On-demand was under way to meet this demand with RSS and podcast for
mobile users. They also began using PointRoll on their website that allowed advertisements to be
posted for their clients. With this underway, they were able to give consumers the most current
news updates instantly.
The network’s journalists allowed consumers to get involved by adding comments,
recommendations and instant messaging with news and alerts. They tried to cover more topics in
an effort to capture more readers. Topics were from political, technology and entertainment, and
all on one screen. As time has moved forward,...

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