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Cases Explained Essay

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LESSON 2: Case Study On Listo System’s Challenge Of Growing Organizations
Kreeti Modi
International American University

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” (Welch)
Listo systems, who had a clear vision and mission when it started in 1990, led to growth and became one of the most popular graphic designing companies in the world, with success comes responsibility. The responsibility to hold on to what it had set out for, which is where Listo started failing. Listo is failing in Leadership. It has become a little authoritarian and it only ...view middle of the document...

Because the mission, vision and the basic idea is of what the company wants to deliver is already set and started but what Listo is failing to understand is to refine those rules as the layers have been added, the management also requires that extra effort and it needs to refine those old rules and regulations to adapt with that of the changing hierarchy. Adding a whole new layer means adding a whole new set of principles and setting up a clear goal of what the company expects. The mission and vision does not end at planning, it starts at that and after that it’s an ongoing process. It is crucial to focus on what employees want as they will be the one who will be delivering, if they aren’t monitored or controlled it will be a huge mess. This is what happened with Listo. Lack of motivation and lack of monitoring got the best of management.
Scenario 2 (Vision into performance Stage 2)
Vision into performance level 2 is applied here where the key variables is to match corporate culture and mission. Considering culture and mission I think shaping is the challenge faced by Listo Systems. As the mission has been established, the culture is differing from that what was set in the beginning to that what it had become, the mission of Listo Systems comprises of team work and leadership not just technology and innovation but with the growing profits Listo has failed to recognize that it has been focusing only on monetary values and in no way is it supporting team-work and leadership as it has taken a bureaucratic form. Hence the challenge here is not being able to shape what it had defined.
Scenario 3 (Vision into Performance Stage 3)
Vision Into performance in its stage 3 comprises of these two key variables; Department (units) and the Key results (success factors). The challenge faced by Listo systems is communicating. There are hierarchies added but there is no communication between the layers of management as a result the employees are unclear about the goals. The match that requires to be done between the variables is hampered by the communication factor. The success of any company depends on how well the employees perform, and employee’s performance depends on how motivated they are. New Layers of new employee’s means new departments and if the departments are unsure of what to derive then the key factors through which success can be obtained is hampered. Communication between all these departments is very important, it leads to understanding the functions carried out properly. Though involving and facilitating are also a major component unless and until you communicate what needs to be facilitated it will not happen. Therefore I think Listo systems needs to communicate what it wants to see in the results, which is one of the most important traits to lead as we have read in...

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